Monday, May 18, 2009

Schreiner Iris Farm & Gardens

We left Silver falls and headed a bit north to the Schreiners Iris Farm. When we arrived there was music in the air and as we went into the display garden area it had just stopped. I couldn't help but think about the "Free Credit Report dot Com" commercial where the guys were playing at a Renaissance Faire.

Yes there was a group in full Medieval dress and a very large crowd dressed in 21st century garb.

These must be in the Garlic or Onoin family and look like the big brothers of...

... our backyard volunteers last year

The colors in the garden were spectacular

What surprised me was that most of the Iris plants were yet to bloom,we do need to return soon.

With the beautiful peonies and other flowers it still was a paradise.

The blues were rich and yet still there was a variety of hues...

... with some blooms having multiple colors.

One of my favorites this year were the columbines...

... the shapes were fascinating...

... and inspiring.

The buds of this tree look like our Tulip Magnolia but the white flowers are different and awesome.

Like I said earlier the iris blooms can have multiple colors.

Some glow like the sun over a purple ocean...

... others are as serene as as a big blue lake.

Some of the Iris blooms were simply one color like this purple beauty.

There were also Poppy blooms all over.

Most were a brilliant red but I did see one huge white bloom.

I call these the Halloween twins based on the black lower petals and the orange beard.

This was the deepest purple I've ever seen.

I think this was another Poppy in white with red accents.

The yellow and purple Iris was really different...

... but not as unusual as this striking Iris...

... or delicate as this light blue Iris.

There were bright yellow blooms...

... followed by some blooms that were blue and white stripped.

I think the most beautiful Iris shot of all was in colors I normally do not like together but in this shot make me pause to readjust my preferences.

I did get one last shot of a Poppy that, because of the camera exposure looks like a wonderful painting.

Scrabble Score ~ No Game

Quote of the Day
"People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us." ~Iris Murdoch

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Michelle said...

so gorgeous, especially the two close-ups at the end . . . i hope someday i have a yard with enough sun for irises . . .can't wait to see what you get when you go back again, thank you for sharing!


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