Friday, May 22, 2009

Silverton to Redmond via Detroit Lakes

We stayed in Silverton, OR the first night of our latest adventure. It was a nice campground and a member of a new Camping Club, Camp Club USA, we joined. The rate was fantastic at $15 and it was a very nice campground called the Silver Spur.

On the way to our next stop, Redmond, we stopped at one of the Dams at Detroit Lakes. Detroit Dam Completed in 1953 was at the time the eight tallest dam in the world. Today standing 463 feet tall it no longer makes the tallest list.

The reservoir has a capacity of 455,000 acre-feet of water when full and 281,600 acre-feet in the summer when drawn down. Located in the North Santiam Canyon, the 9-mile long lake has shoreline of 32 miles when full.

In the distance was a logging site much like the ones we have seen on the History Channel series Ax Men.

Looking 453 feet down from the top of the dam and leaning over the edge with my Muse-o-Graphic camera in a strong wind was a little unnerving.

Hanging on the edge was worth the attempt for shots like this one...

... or this one watching the water spill over the dam's flood gates...

... down to the North Santiam river below.

The North Santiam River is a tributary of the Santiam River, approximately 90 miles long, in western Oregon in the United States. It drains an area of the Cascade Range on the eastern side of the Willamette Valley east of Salem, Oregon.

It rises in the high Cascades in eastern Linn county, northwest of Three Fingered Jack in the Willamette National Forest. It flows north through the mountains past Marion Forks, receiving the drainage from the western slope of Mt. Jefferson. Near Mt. Jefferson it turns sharply west, descending through a canyon past Idanha, Detroit, and Gates. It emerges through the foothills into the Willamette Valley near Stayton, then flows briefly southwest through the valley where it joins the South Santiam River from the northeast to form the Santiam approximately 15 miles southwest of Stayton. The confluence is approximately 10 miles east of the confluence of the Santiam and the Willamette River.

Detroit Lake is situated over a historical road bed of the former Oregon Pacific Railroad. This route was built by Colonel T. Egenton Hogg as a proposed transcontinental railroad.

I did my usual odd view pictures like this one of the guardrail on the dam...

... and this one of a glass block in the structure at the top of the dam.

There were plenty of fishermen along the edge of the dam.

The lake is adjacent to Oregon Route 22, where the stop sign is in this picture, near the city of Detroit. The lake stores water for use by the city of Salem and other nearby communities.

I liked the feeling of this child and his dad...

... so I made a second shot of the little boy on the cement divider.

The cliff above highway 22 was pretty cool and bigger than you can tell from this shot.

We finally arrived in Redmond after driving through Sisters, Oregon that got it's name from these three peaks called the Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters are three volcanic peaks of the Cascade Volcanic Arc and the Cascade Range in Oregon, each of which exceed 10,000 feet in elevation. They are the third, fourth, and fifth highest peaks in the state of Oregon and are located in the Three Sisters Wilderness, about 15 miles southwest from the nearest town of Sisters, Oregon. The three peaks have 15 named glaciers among them, nearly half of all the 35 named glaciers in Oregon. The Sisters were named Faith, Hope, and Charity by early settlers.

In 2001 a satellite discovered that there was a deforming uplift 3 miles west of the South Sister. There was concern that the mountain was awakening. In 2004 an earthquake swarm occurred with the epicenter in the area of uplift. The hundreds of small earthquakes subsided over several days. As of 2007 the uplift had slowed and concern had diminished though the area was still considered potentially active.
This potentially active volcano is approximately 35 miles (As the crow flies) from our home in Creswell and a bit North of due West.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 324 - The Contender 290

Quote of the Day ~
"The river seeking for the sea

Confronts the dam and precipice,

Yet knows it cannot fail or miss;

You will be what you will to be!"

Ella Wheeler Wilcox (American poet and writer 1850-1919)


Parapluie said...

These pictures from Detroit Dam give a sense of looking down. A hard to capture perspective.
Now I see where you found the mysterious picture for your poetry.

Michelle said...

hanging over the edge for shots is ALWAYS worth the thrill and the result :)


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