Saturday, May 09, 2009

Highway 58

It's Spring for gosh sakes and the park at Salt Creek Falls (our destination) was still snowed in and closed. So what to do? Drive farther up the mountain.

Yes, Salt Creek Falls was closed when we got there covered with snow but we did see the falls as we drove up the mountain then when we pulled off the only road to the falls was closed so we drove up to the sno-park to turn around.

The Musemobile (our Winnebago Sightseer), still looking for Winnebago sponsorship for a cross country tour still looks and operated wonderfully. Mmmm maybe Workhorse (the chassis maker) will sponsor us one day. Hey guys We will settle for sponsorship to Vancouver, BC.

As we drove up highway 58 we saw a water fall and stopped for some pictures. This is looking down into the gorge while looking for a good place to shoot the falls.

The white stuff here isn't snow but the churn from the falls.

Now this IS snow and road grime from the snowplows. It gives a really interesting pattern as the snow melts leaving pock marks.

This is a man we met while taking pictures and his name is Stacy. Stacy cycled to Oregon from Montana and is now on his way to Arizona to warm up before heading home.

Diamond peak looms in the distance as part of the Cascade range of ex-active-volcanoes, now mountains.

We took a turnoff to Shelter Cove Resort and Marina on Odell Lake. Driving there over a one lane bridge I stopped to take this picture of a creek passing through the snow.

Going back toward Eugene we stopped at a road going south to have lunch and get some pictures.

I found a fern for a picture but it looked like there wasn't much else...

... I liked this colorful leaf (probably poison oak) and was about to give up...

... then I found a trillium...

... finally the holy grail of Oregon flowers. A pink fairy slipper orchid - Wow!

There were actually three of them ...

... all within a 5 foot radius. They are tiny flowers no larger than 2 inches from tip of the wings to the toe of the pin fairy slipper.

While I was shooting Sharyn walked across the bridge exploring.

I joined her on the bridge and got a shot of the creek rapidly running by.

I did find a nice sample of yellow holly before we left that spot.

We then cut off at Kistson Springs Road and drove to Hills Creek Reservoir. This is a view looking northwest from the top of the dam to the water running downhill to meet farther down with the Willamette River.

I found the structure of the dam fascinating...

... and massive, maintaining tons of kinetic energy and life giving water.

These days infrastructure like dams are secured from terrorism and personal liability so I could get close but not too close.

Looking across Hills Creek Reservoir affords a great panorama of the layers of mountains far into the distance.

Coming back down Kitson Springs Road we stopped for a picture of the white flowers on a bush we thought might be a dogwood but wasn't. It was beautiful none the less.

I spotted this unopened bloom then noticed the branch was lying dead on the ground.

We finally found Sharyn a dogwood tree to take a picture of (we had seen many blooming along side the road) after missing many others. It wasn't what we planned for the day but I loved being out in the RV with Sharyn a special treat for Mother's Day. The nice thing is whatever we do together is a special treat for me as well.

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen 323 - The Contender 302

Quote of the Day ~
“One aspect of serendipity to bear in mind is that you have to be looking for something in order to find something else.” ~ Lawrence Block


Parapluie said...

Beautiful time! My husband has postponed a visit to Diamond Lake because of the snow. He has to wait until thereis fishing.

Anonymous said...

I love the pink fairy Slipper.


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