Friday, April 25, 2008

Down the Road

Off we go from the cold rainy Oregon spring to the California sunshine.

We got as far as Medford and with the mountains ahead remembered that we needed to change the oil. We pulled into Witham Truck stop and after a short wait pulled into the bay. We were sitting there when a really cool truck pulled in. It was a beautiful truck and said scarlettvisionmedia,com on the side. I got this picture of the lube hoses hanging down.

Then I took another picture.

Sharyn got out and talked to the two young guys driving the truck and found out they were transporting motocross bikes.

With the new oil we got over the passes and into California and stopped at the vista point to get another shot of Mount Shasta (I take one every trip south) on a hazy but okay day.

It's been awhile so I got a shot of the Musemobile - ooops I forgot the lights.

The hill to the west of the vista point was pretty cool and a little like the painted desert with scrub brush and a few trees.

I didn't take many pictures so far but maybe tomorrow.

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen lost by more than 5 points....

Quote of the Day
"I'm not afraid of dieing, I'm afraid of not living" ~ unattributed Motocross quote.

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Parapluie said...

Bon Voyage. I am keeping an eye on your blog because I want to explore Northern California in our Winnebago. A friend said we could drive into SanFrancisco but I have my doubts that a 30 ft. Winnebago can park on the hills. But on the other hand maybe there is a WallMart parking lot next to Candlestick Park.


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