Sunday, April 27, 2008

California Sunshine

It's almost Pete's Birthday (April 29) and that's the reason for the trip down to California.

We saw Peter in the morning and headed back home. Along Jackson Road there is a produce stand we always like to hit while in the area so we stopped and while Sharyn bought some oranges and tangerines I took some pictures of old farm implements they lined along under the trees on the property like this old plow,

Now I'm no farmer so I have no clue as to what these things are so I'll give my uninformed descriptions. This tool looks like something I've seen used for picking up gold balls on a driving range maybe it's for picking up fruits or veggies on the ground. Nope I'm not farmer Brown.

This one I know its a plow mmmm or is it a tiller for turning over soil?

This is a view of the fruit stand and it's very large with lots of fresh produce.

I liked the solid wheels on this one whatever it is.

I'm guessing again but maybe the containers on this tool are for planting seeds - just a guess.

Well I know this farm tool it's a porta-potty or as they say in Oregon a "Buck House"

I do like the geometry and curves in this shot.

These implements are more complicated they one might assume when you see the gears that are built in to perform actions as the implement is pulled.

Finally a good look through the wheels of this one and on we go to Redding and Mountain Gate RV Park.

At Mountain Gate RV I didn't get a lot of pictures but it's typical California with the wild poppy blooms. This is an unusual poppy with a pink bloom rather than the normal yellow or orange.

Her is a stand of the more typical orange poppy blooms.

Then there is the yellow with a touch of gold.

Not sure what these are but they are a delicate and beautiful blue flower.

Just beautiful and very abundant here in California.

And this is the Musemobile resting in the shade and waiting to roll.

Scrabble Score ~ The queen is back on her throne after beating me badly.

Quote of the Day
"That we find a crystal or a poppy beautiful means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe." ~ John Berger

John Peter Berger (born November 5, 1926) is an English art critic, novelist, painter and author. The best-known among his many works include the novel "G"., winner of the 1972 Booker Prize, and the introductory essay on art criticism Ways of Seeing, written as an accompaniment to a significant BBC series of the same name, and often used as a college text.

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Parapluie said...

My husband with a farming background says the farm equipment pictures are:
1) disk used after plowing to break up the soil more.
2) hay rake, It has the long tongs that are very interesting designs.
3) plow
4) front end of something. The plow blade missing and the seat too? Has us stumped.
5) planter as you guessed.
6) hay rake again.
I heard there was a very interesting bridge in Redding.



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