Friday, April 04, 2008

Coos Bay

Back in Coos Bay at the Mill Casino RV Park. We decided cabin fever was getting the better of us and we better take advantage of the nice day to get here and hook up without any rain. So Wednesday I mowed the lawn. That's only twice this year but now that spring is here I'll have to mow a bit more often. Oregon is wonderful in the Spring and Summer and early Autumn but the grass really grows fast in the Spring because of the rain that fell all Winter and the mowing season begins anew. About the only upside of winter is that I don't have to push the mower.

We did get here Thursday and it was a nice sunshiny day. I didn't get any pictures until today and today it was dark and overcast and rainy. We did have a nice boat show as usual. This is the Titan, a tug operated by the Sause Bros. It is one of the larger tugs I've seen in Coos Bay.

The rain and overcast gave the look of a dreamlike gray mist in some of the images.

This tug called the "North Bend" was leading the way for a really big ship...

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Taio Frontier a huge woodchip carrier flying the Panamanian Flag. The Taio Frontier is 646 ft long and about 105 feet wide.

It seemed awfully big for Coos Bay so I checked on the port and this is what I found.

"The Port of Coos Bay is the largest deep-draft coastal harbor between San Francisco and Puget Sound. An average of 2.5 million tons of cargo moves through the port, which is Oregon's second busiest maritime commerce center."

This is one big ship.

There were two more large tugs, this one is the Teclutsa, in the back of the ship in addition to the North Bend in the lead.

So I didn't just get boats, I also got a nice shot of this old boat doc cleat and the bay looking north east

Then one of my favorite boats the Captain Louie strolled by pushing a barge with two cranes aboard.

Sharyn just sat back and enjoyed the view from the RV and kept me informed of boats coming and read her book.

She spotted this rainbow today - yes it actually stopped raining long enough to see one.

Tugs were all over today and it seemed busier than usual. This tug is the Suiattle and, yes that's a huge chain out the back...

...pulling a huge barge and the Suiattle had some help.

That's the Captain Louie pushing from the rear. I think I like the Captain Louie best of all the boats but the Tiao Frontier was definitely the biggest. In this picture you can understand why there is a crows nest pilot's bridge, to be able to see over the cargo barge.

Scrabble Score - Sharyn remains Queen winning by 4 over the Contender.

Quote of the Day

“I will have a tugboat candidacy. It will push the parties closer to the harbor of the people and away from the harbor of giant corporatism.” Ralph Nadar said to Roger Simon of Politico

Roger Simon wrote, "It looked like we were veering into serious waters, so I asked: What does Ralph Nader do for excitement?"

“My life is not that exciting,” Nader said. ~ From the website

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