Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Other Sisters and an Art Walk

I'll start with the Art Walk

Eugene is a wonderful city to walk through at night and especially nice if it's cool and after a rain. Lights reflect off of the streets and the breeze is soft and refreshing.

Steam rises from an EWEB steam vent cover and the heat is noticeable by the dry area of the street.

I visited the galleries but I only took pictures at the Karin Clarke Gallery. They had an interesting mix of art with a wall of vertical pieces that were perfectly arranged by color.

I was intrigued by this cast aluminum piece called "Wild Man" by Jan Zack

There were several pieces by Nelson Sandgren and his life appears to have been as complex, touching and beautiful as the two pieces below.

This piece is called "The Reunion"

This was may favorite piece by Nelson

After the Art Walk we went to Zenon's for coffee and cake and posed for a picture. Here are me, Renee and Vern with our backs against the wall (an old Ed B saying).

Actually Renee was not drinking just clowning around.

Well Scrabble Queen's Sister came to town from southern California so we went out for lunch with Ed. Scrabble Queen was very happy to see her "Seestor" as you can see in this great smile.

In fact everyone was smiling.

Jilly was just enjoying getting away from work and responsibility and seeing her dad.

We even got to see some home movies of J asa child in a C.H.I.P. car. How prophetic he is now an officer in southern California and may one day become a C.H.I.P. himself.

Finally we took Ed to play pool and eat Pizza.

Scrabble score - Rained out

Quote of the Day
My dad worked me like a dog when I was kid. From 8 years old, I was an integral part of his business and working, and you know, made me. ~ Jesse James

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