Monday, March 17, 2008

Hendricks Park a Bit Early but Nice

Today was a nice change of pace from the cold rains of the last few days so we headed to Hendricks to see if anything was blooming yet.

All I know about this plant is that its white, beautiful and not a rhododendron.

There is a great view of the city from Hendricks Park this is looking northwest toward another hill called Skinners Butte.

Sharyn pointed out this very healthy grey squirrel eating a nut on the back of the park bench.

The walks around Hendricks Park are very nice even when all the Rhododendrons are not blooming.

Sharyn also pointed out this burl and the very red rhododendron blooms.

Okay I found this yellow Rhodie on my own.

I love the pink blooms on this rhododendron also.

I was surprised so many rhododendrons were blooming, not many compared to a little later in the spring but enough to make it feel like Spring is here.

Well surprise this is not a Rhododendron it is, however, a magnolia tree with beautiful hot pink blooms. We have one of these colorful magnolias in our yard but ours has yellow blooms.

I have no idea what this tree/bush is but it makes for a great picture.

If you have time to kill and enjoy counting rings try and figure out how old this tree is - oops was.

Trees do the darnedest things - weird!

Check out the beautiful colors on this plant and the pattern.

Well I finally got Sharyn to stop and smile. Hi Cutie!!! (waving arms)

How in the world can this limb be still attached to the tree it must go for twenty plus yards straight out and parallel (roughly) to the ground.

One last look back at a portion of this beautiful place - you can be assured I'll be back for the full blooming time. I suspect in 2 or 3 weeks.

No this is NOT Hendricks park it's a huge dumpster near the U of Oregon Research park. I've seen a lot of graffiti in my day but never have I seen "Alice in Wonderland" as graffiti before.

Also behind the Research park was this glass building that looks like a greenhouse but it appears to have machinery inside. "No Admittance" signs kept me from exploring further.

There was a huge flock of Cormorants in this and another tree behind the research park overlooking the Willamette River. It was a very cool sight to see so many large birds in one spot. I haven't see that since visiting the Aviary at the San Diego Zoo.

Scrabble Score (new format) Sharyn 338 ~ Paul 342

Quote of the Day
"Many an opportunity is lost because a man is out looking for four-leaf clovers." ~Author Unknown

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