Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Long Tom Grange and Daffodil Drive

Today was a partly sunny, partly rainy and mostly cloudy normal Oregon day. We decided to get out to the Long Tom Grange and the Daffodil trail drive for a nice change of pace.

Disclaimer: Persons living in Sunny California should avoid Oregon like the plague and move to Arizona, Texas or Florida

It was really a nice country drive and I finally stopped to get a picture of one of the thousands of School Bus Stop Shelters that dot the rural road landscape all over Oregon and I suspect most rainy or snowy parts of the country.

What would rural Oregon do without the unpainted barns and blackberry brambles.

There were plenty of daffodils blooming along the lightly traveled road.

Even better were the beautiful countryside views.

I even appreciated the fences without barbs.

One road we found have hundreds of alpacas.

I was quick enough to catch this red truck driving along the road.

This home wasn't moving as fast as the truck so it was much easier to get this picture.

I guess turkeys are also grown in this area.

It was mostly an alpaca area though and this white (well mostly) alpaca was beautiful... was his girlfriend and the little teenager alpaca...

...but the baby of the family was the cutest with the white neck band and white leggings.

The alpacas and turkeys were on Jaeg Road but at the end of the road was The Pfeiffer Vineyards and their boxes caught my attention since they have my initials all over them.

The Pfeiffer family moved to Oregon in 1947, (four years after my birth) purchasing the 80 acres that currently serves as Pfeiffer Vineyards.

Initially, the property functioned as a sheep farm and the Pfeiffer's children (Robin, Conrad, Eric, and Karen) assisted their parents with raising and marketing lamb, sheep, and wool.

After struggling for 30 years, the grown children decided it was time to change industries, sold the sheep, and planted grapevines. "The only thing we knew about wine grapes was that we liked wine and dried grapes were called raisins," noted Robin Pfeiffer. However, they learned after careful analysis that their site was ideal for grapes.

Going back on Jaeg Road we stopped for a picture of the "Iron Alpacas" decorating one of the homes.

I love the teardrop camping trailers and on the way home stopped to get this shot of one for sale in Eugene.

Above the lot with the Teardrop T@B was is Oregon Lottery billboard touting the good use our Lottery funds support (they go to the parks system) and the informative and humerus disclaimer "Lottery games should be played for entertainment only" I like the other disclaimer even better it states "Lottery games should not be played for investment purposes"

Scrabble ~ Scrabble Queen 323 - The Contender 306

Quote of the Day ~
When you work really hard for something for a long time it's almost impossible to believe that it's coming true. ~ Robert Crippen

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