Monday, March 10, 2008

Art Education

The first image here is mine and it's a much edited photograph and the product of my mind having changed background and tone and even the how the pixels line up. There is a place where art is taught and learned by avid students who I find smart creative and eager to make a mark on the world and even on themselves. This is a small sample of the creative mind of the art students of this world.

Her daughter likes gold fish and her boyfriend likes alligators and this artist combined both in this colorful piece. I didn't get the names of the artists but they were kind enough to allow these photographs.

This "Mountain Lake" is an image that took me a moment to adjust to the dimensions of depth across the land to the lake and peak beyond. Once I took it all in it reminded me of a photograph that just won a contest in the photography group I participate in on Facebook.

Color plays between light and dark black and white and everything in between in this beautiful creation called "Turbulence at Sea." These two pieces are by Renee Manford

Shelly did the next few pieces of work and this one was patterned after a Renoir and it was breathtaking. I also should tell you all of these pieces we photographed at an angle and are not exact in proportion.

The same artist produced this wonderfully bright image of her mother as a young woman and includes a muted overlay of the artist's face over her mother's

The next two prints show the creativity in production of a print. In this one she used lace to create the patterns in the dark plum colored ink...

... and in this print she used a smoother medium.

I had a great time learning that creativity cannot be taught and that art is really the history of the experiences of the artists. When I say experiences I am not referring to experience although that is a result of practice and repeated execution and the refinements that go along with time.

I just know it's rare to find a sincere artist that doesn't evoke thought and enhance my world.

Scrabble Score ----- I didn't ask the score but I think The Contender lost big time.

Quote of the Day ~
"And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything." ~ William Shakespeare

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