Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cottage Grove to London and Beyond

Well it wasn't a perfect day for a drive but it was a perfect day to take a drive. Cabin fever is no joke and not a bit fun, so we went out to Cottage Grove Lake.

As we were approaching the dam we came across a trillium lovers paradise. They were all over this fern and moss covered hill.

Definitely a lot of moss and very healthy looking moss.

So this must also be moss heaven.

The Trilliums were marvelous when I was finally able to get a little closer but it wasn't easy. As it turns out this was also blackberry heaven and those thorny brambles are not very friendly.

So I did manage a couple of close-ups.

I thought the smoothness of this wood under the bark was pretty cool.

Well now we know when trout season is (did you get that Jim if not Michelle would you clue in your dad) .

And finally there was the dam and a great view from below.

It is a very aerodynamic looking dam with nice curves and sharp angles.

Near the base of the dam is a control station for the generation of energy.

Of course I needed a close-up of these buds.

We did discover at the top of the dam that it was a project of the U.S. Army - Corps of Engineers and was finished in 1986. We also see that it is CGD-1R. I suppose that means Cottage Grove Dam 1 Reservoir. I was careful not to disturb the marker.

Looking downstream we can see a very steady flow of water. Sharyn tells me they are saying that the snow pack is high and the rivers will be full. Considering it's still cold in the mountains and the lake is high tells me we are in for a very green summer (where they water)

They do not suggest diving from the top of the dam on the lake side....

.... here's why.

A longer look out over the lake shows the beauty of the setting and the safety boom guarding the area leading into the dam.

There are some farms north of the lake just off of the road so I stopped and for a picture of this one.

Further past the lake is the town of London and this cool barn.

So we drove a little further to the town then turned around to get home. I like this barn but it was a little far away and I didn't have Isaac's telephoto lens today so I took the picture anyway.

We decided to come back a more southerly way and where we turned to go toward Yoncalla I just had to get this picture. The interesting thing is that it was snowing when I took this shot so it is not fuzzy just snowy.

Across the street was this little place that reminded me of the salt box homes I saw in New England - only this was smaller.

Well we did get over the hill but on the way down, just past the "County Maintenance Ends Here" sign, was a washout of half the road.

We got past the washout OK but then saw a house that looked about in the same shape as the road. It looked like it was occupied by the Blackberry family.

I just love the small ranches of Oregon where hay is a surplus and the livestock eats fresh feed most of the year.

This is how I'd love to live (if I had farmhands to do all the work) but never will.

I just love the shape of this road. I love curves and this one is a little like the shape of the Cottage Grove Lake Dam. Too cool!

Scrabble Score Sharyn - 312 Paul 322

Quote of the Day
“The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I try to stay
The winds of change continue blowing
And they just carry me away.” ~ Willie Nelson

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