Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seven Feathers RV Park

Sharyn took pity on my aches and pains and decided we needed a trip down to Seven Feathers RV park so I could us their jacuzzi and pool. So here we are parked 30 feet away from the indoor pool facility looking at clouds coming over the hills from the west and glad our spot is so close.

She actually insisted I go to the jacuzzi and afterward I got out for some pictures along Jordan Creek just 30 feet in the opposite direction from the pool.

The creek has a nice flow today and the ground is still wet from rain.

Like anywhere in this part of Oregon moss thrives on everything from boulders to ...

... trees.

The water is pretty clear but not totally clear indicating new moisture from the sky up on the hills.

Of course there are the mushroom like these two small examples.

I saw this leaf and it really reminded me of an African mask I'd seen on a web site I designed for Kristie Johnson a wonderful artist who teaches as Lane Community College.

There are many reasons to like this RV park and Casino here in Canyonville. They have beautiful landscaping, great facilities and are ecologically thoughtful.

I love this little bush that beginning to bud out.

The Musemobile likes this place also sitting calmly protected by the hills, Satellite dish up and smiling.

It was obviously getting ready to rain with the clouds closing in fast.

I stopped to get a picture of the bridge over the Jordan Creek and ...

... a really nice Information Kiosk about the plant life in the area.

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