Sunday, January 31, 2010

More at Seven Feathers

It was a nicer day today more sun than clouds.

Got up had breakfast (oatmeal) then to the Jacuzzi for a few bubbles then took a few pictures and a walk. Jordan Creek was barely babbling but it was flowing but it is not in this picture.

I found a play area for the children that would be fun for little ones.

I was on the bridge looking north toward the clubhouse for this picture. The structure behind and to the right with the pillars is the office.

The RV park and Casino is run by the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Tribe of Indians and this plaque in on the bridge.

I got a shot of the Musemobile showing just how close the pool area is to the RV.

Some parts of the RV park next to the creek are fenced of for the safety of children. The fences are colored a nice shade of green.

I like the little pine starting to grow full of promise for the future.

So here is the creek shallow and running fast.

Lots of logs are down and

many covered with moss.

It was a glorious day after so many grey days this winter.

So I got creative and took this picture through the adjustment slots on a standing BBQ grill.

Then one of a rhododendron, see if you can find the face on the bud.

The beech tree was unfurling it's bark, paper thin and very cool.

I must like things in row I keep taking pictures of them like the one of the fence earlier and this one of the bridge railing.

Back to the Musemobile with a better look at the enclosed pool area. Yup that's a fire pit for group gatherings.

We later went to a great Brunch at the Casino's Camas Room and it was terrific - one of the best I've been to in my Brunch filled life.

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen 322 - The Contender 345

Quote of the Day ~
"The Indian knew how to live without wants, to suffer without complaint, and to die singing" ~ Alexis de Tocqueville(French Historian and Political scientist. 1805-1859)


s said...

the wonderful brunch brought back memories of other wonderful brunches at the hotel del with our good friends the hogles. sad to say, it was just you and i now.

Michelle said...

ah, the Hotel Del... so many fond memories there! don't be sad, we will all be together again for plenty of brunches, don't forget how much we Hogle's like to hear ourselves talk :P


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