Saturday, January 16, 2010

Art at the Airport

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- Photographs of some paintings show reflected images and should not be considered totally accurate representations of the artists fine works. Clicking on any picture will show the image at a slightly larger size then use the browser's BACK button to return to the blog.

Every now and then I get an art show invitation. This week I received one from my friend Renee. The show was at the Eugene Airport. Sharyn and our friend Sharon all went.

When we arrived at the reception being held in the Wings Restaurant my friends were there. Vern, Ron, Renee and a nice lady, artist Margaret Plumb. They had great snacks at the reception including hummus and shrimp along with fresh fruit.

I saw several of my friends from the Plein air group who had pieces in the show. This painting of Island Park...

... and this beautiful work of the Black Tartarian Cherry Tree at Owen Rose Garden are by Paul Bourgault.

This wonderful vista is a "View from Skinner's Butte" is by Shirley Froyd.

Brooks Hickerson and his wife Peggie were there, his work was this great painting of "Hayward Field" at University of Oregon.

Renee Manford had a beautiful painting that is rapidly becoming one of my favorites "View of Cape Perpetua" she painted from the shore of Yachats north beach.*Update I got a call from Renee Manford that this piece was sold at the Airport Show Today - Congratulations Renee

There were beautiful streams with waterfalls ...

... and faces like this piece titled "Sisko" by Carol Plaia.

"Pengra Bridge" a covered bridge in the Fall Creek area was masterfully painted by Bonnie Sandland in acrylic.

Lynn Frost brought "Down to Earth" a watercolor with great charm.

Shirley Reade's panoramic "McKenzie River" was a wide look at a bend in the river I cropped so you can see some of the detail at this small size.

The "Eugene Library" by Mel Vincent was excellent and reminded me of a couple of photo shoots I did there during a First Friday Art Walk.

"Summer in Eugene" was painted by Kobkaew Carson and illustrates how good technique with oils do not have to be exact like a photograph to beautifully real.

Linda Kaye with a bright watercolor titled "Paddle Wheel" shows that a piece of art need not always show all of a subject but perhaps an interesting portion.

"Glory of Autumn" a work by Clinton Conley in watercolor captured the essence of one of our great Autumn river scenes...

... and his painting "Heceta Head Lighthouse" is as good as any I've seen of this most photographed and painted scenes in Oregon.

Bernie Herr makes a statement in his watercolor "Going Green in the Neighborhood" and reminded me of the fresh smell of line dried clothes.

I thought Linda Kaye's "Guitar Player" was a dynamic example of art that you can almost hear.

Brandi York gives the viewer a feel for some of the Oregon Country Fair in Venita with her "Dance at the Country Fair" and I could almost hear the tambourines.

Sorry for the reflections on this piece ...

I so liked this painting of a "Market Fiddler" by Lavonne Tarbox - Crone. It reminds me of some of the works of Norman Rockwell so full of color and colorful people.

It was a great place to view paintings despite the security checks getting in and well worth the time to enjoy the art.

Sharyn (left) and Sharon (right) also enjoyed the night out.

There was this one is a clay piece by Susan Siwinski and the title is "Wilfred"

Cindy Bailey Asay dug into her photo albums to find the inspiration for this wonderful painting of her husband and boys at the beach and we were lucky enough to have the artist and her subjects on our tour. Here they all are a little older than when the picture was taken that inspired her painting. From left to right in the painting and in person are Henry Asay, Samuel Asay and Kelly Asay. Thanks to all of you for a playing along and thank you Cindy for the great piece of art that reminded me I have four sons and how special little boys are.

I promised Renee I'd get a picture of our little group when we all got together again so here we are for a quick pose in the Wings reception area. I think we all look OK for a bunch of 30 something folks (just kidding I'm sure we are in our 40's)

There were a couple of Fund Drive Ducks there, Gold Medal Dick and ...

... a really strange themed duck. One other nice thing about this outing is that we went to Jung's Mongolian BBQ afterward and Sharon's hubby Charlie met us there for a truly great dinner.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 312 ~ and the Contender 326

Quote of the Day
"Ideas are like wandering sons, they show up when you least expect them." Bern Williams - American programmer and consultant


Concerned Citizen said...

Really enjoyed seeing all this wonderful art and reading your comments..they should have had some of your photographs there as well.

s said...

so many really nice and good paintings, the acrylic of the covered bridge was amazing and all the works from the plein aire group were beautiful; but my favorite was definitely the "market fidler." good description of a norman rockwell and a glimpse of americana eugene style in the 21st century.


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