Saturday, January 09, 2010

Frist First Friday of 2010

It's the first First Friday Art Walk and I'm lucky to make it. Sometimes lately I feel like I'm falling apart with aches and pains in my left knee and both shoulders. Oh, I'll survive and getting to the walk was a good distraction from my woes *lol*

On the bright side I found a parking place right outside the door to the Karin Clarke annex gallery. I am happy to see so many new Adam Grosowsky paintings. They always pick me up.

I arrived late because of a dinner out with friends and the number of Art Walkers was small but an interesting group. It seems like more young folks than usual and that was nice to see.

I believe this is a Margaret Coe work in progress in the studio in the annex. Beautiful work.

I then walked over to the main gallery and it's little alcove room in the back of the gallery that I always enjoy for the variety of work.

The main gallery was featuring David McCosh.
"Known as a teacher who inspired a northwestern generation of painters, McCosh continued to paint murals and took an extended sabbatical from 1949-50. While living in Mexico and New Mexico, he experienced a second rebirth of his work from uninterrupted painting. In 1954, he was made a full professor at the University of Oregon and retired as a professor emeritus in 1970."

My friends from the Art walk were all there Vern, Renee and Ron. Renee was working at the gallery but managed to get in one picture.

The McCosh exhibit is titled "The Night Drawings and Other Late Work" and it was curated by Roger Saydack. The works above I believe are three of the Night Drawings.

They are all wonderful paintings like the painting in the center here titled "Overgrown Stump"

I really liked the pastel painting titled Sunflower and Corn in Mist on the left here.

As I said I was late arriving and I only made it to the Clarke Gallery this time but I had a cool surprise at the gallery just before it closed, My doctor and his wife came in and we had a nice conversation. Great folks as always a treat. Then it was time to close. Renee was minding the gallery for Karin who is a new mom again to a wonderful baby boy - congratulations Karin. Then Renee set the alarm and it was time for a snack and conversation.

I drove over to Zenon's and found a space again right next to the door (my lucky night).

The lights were great and the store fronts have a real charm.

As usual Ambrosia was colorful and festive. It was a good night and the record of no rain on a First Friday is still intact. Vern, Ron, Renee and I all had a good conversation to end the evening.

Quote of the Day ~
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Pablo Picasso" Found on the San Diego Art Walk Blog

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Wonderful photos there P.
I hope your aches go away soon.


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