Friday, October 02, 2009

October Art Walk in Eugene

I really like the Firs Friday Art Walk this time of year, the air is cool and the streets are sparkling from an earlier rain.

The Karin Clarke Gallery Annex was jammed with folks tonight. I was happy to meet some really good folks from the board of the Jacobs Gallery who were in talking with Renee Manford. The Jacobs Gallery is one of my favorite galleries in Eugene.
Karin has maintained at both the Annex and Main gallery some of the finest area artists.

Well here is Karin who seems happy to see the crowd tonight. Either that or happy to see her 5th favorite itinerant photographer aiming the camera at her left ear. Hi Karin!

I like the nooks and crannies around the gallery and the variety of fine art.

My artistic endeavor tonight was this reflective shot of one of Adam Grosowsky's wonderful paintings. That's the Karin Clarke annex behind the reflection and my friend,Renee, in the red top just above the reflections nose.

What a wonderful painting of Adam's above the guest book.

I really love the layout of Karin's gallery, it's a perfect space for showing art.

Across the street the White Lotus Gallery was well lit and well attended.

This night was really strange in that there seemed to be roving packs of art lovers mostly in groups of 6-12 people. The nice thing is they seemed to stay longer in the galleries and I saw a few sales happening.

I liked this vase in the window above the White Lotus Gallery.

I've always liked this gallery for its elegance, subtlety and simplicity.

No Scrabble tonight because of the Art Walk and Ken Burns National Parks Film on PBS

Quote of the Day ~
"An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world." ~ George Santayana was a philosopher, essayist, poet, and novelist Born in Spain and educated at Harvard

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