Sunday, October 04, 2009

Coos Bay Day 2

Day two and I got another boat shot, this time it was the Captain Louis one I've gotten before.

I got another boat speeding out in the bay and then ...

... saw this lady walking her dog on the pier beyond the fence. I thought that area was "off limits" for "civilians" so I looked around.

Just over a few feet beyond the deck chairs I noticed the fence ended.

So off I went after a great lunch at the Mill Casino to the "other side." I found some beautiful poppies to shoot ...

Then a really nice purple clover caught my eye and was worth a try for a good picture.

Sharyn caught up with me while I was taking pictures of the boat tie down cleats. They were very large...

... and came in various shapes.

I'd bet there is a reason for the various shapes like this "V" shape...

... and the ropes are equally large.

I stopped looking down when I heard the engine of an airplane and saw a float plane that gives rides.

I liked the graceful look of this dead or dying grass and it's gold color against the deep blue-grey water

One of the big timbers had become the home for some opportunistic little plants that looked like a miniature forest

Some of the pilings were metal tubes filled with concrete and at one time I think they all must have been numbered...

... some had no numbers.

Some were like over sized telephone poles and these looked dyed and looked like camouflage.

The concrete pier is not in use so like all over Oregon it grows mossy mold.

Then Sharyn spotted a Sea Lion (yes her second in two days) so I did my best to get a picture and even managed to get him (or her) looking back at at us.

Like the grass earlier I like the colors against the blue background of this brave little plant growing out of the pier.

About the time I got this Boat cleat the security guy was driving up to say hi and ...

... you have to go back to the other side of the fence this area was for Casino employees only. We promised to retreat back to the RV park as I got a picture of a solar light fixture with four seagull discouragers around the edges.

Finally I took this picture of a huge fire bell on the side of the tiny building near the lady walking her dog.

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble went down in flames as The Contender won by six

Quote of the Day ~
"He enters the port with a full sail." Virgil, Ancient Roman Latin Poet and Author of the epic, Aeneid.

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One of the boats tie down cleats looks like a sausage.


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