Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fall Creek Dam and Reservoir

When we first arrived at Fall Creek Reservoir it looked rather calm and secluded ...

... until a water skier flew by playing rather loud music.

Even with the music the place was beautiful and, when the music was gone, very quiet still.

I liked the shadows on this rock and it's unusual shape and texture.

We then drove over to the dock area for a really great view of this arm of the lake.

This was the last day the recreation area would be open and the lake was low as you can see in this picture of the dock.

There were still some berries on the bushes...

... and some jet skiers out for the last day.

There were a few boats, probably about five, on the lake like this speed boat ...

... and this really nice pontoon boat.

Sharyn's Root Beer bottle posed for a shot ...

... as did this shore bound anchor of concrete.

There were a few people on the shore like this family.

I thought it as interesting that I could walk to the end of the pier along the score line ...

... and the regular entrance to the pier had a closed sign.

There were stumps on the shore I'm sure are under water in the Spring ...

... making me wonder if people walk or swim in this area and hopefully not dive.

Someone obviously marked the spot like an explorer flagging a mountain.

We then took a nice drive around the perimeter of the lake that's shaped like rabbit ears.

There were some sandbars that looked beautiful several feet below the road.

When I stopped to take this picture a nice lady pulled alongside wondering if we needed help finding anything since "not many people live up here." I told her I was taking a picture of the cornstalk on the mailbox and she laughed and said it was an interesting sight and then drove on.

I have no earthly idea what Sky Camp is, not even a heavenly hint. I did get a comment that explains a little of the history of Sky Camp as a Native American camp for kids. 

This leaf was fluttering in the wind 20 feet from the trees and eye level on the road.

Almost all the way around we crossed a creek that empties into the lake...

... at a beautifully graceful curve in Fall Creek.

No Scrabble we are watching the National Parks film by Ken Burns on PBS.

Quote of the Day ~
"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world." ~ John Muir

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sjht331978 said...

The picture you posted with the sign that says Sky Camp....It used to be a Native American camp for kids. Teaching all kinds of things in the tradition of native american...arts...drums...songs..nature. i went there most of my younger years. Now it is another youth camp run by a church. I miss the Sky Camp of my youth.


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