Saturday, October 03, 2009

Coos Bay - Day 1

We took off early for the coast in the Musemobile stopping at a great coastal overlook for a bite to eat.

While Sharyn was fixing a good microwave lunch I got a picture of the Umpqua Lighthouse from the overlook.

After lunch we drove through North bend and stopped in Charleston for some fresh crab. While there I took a picture of a memorial to the "Lost Seamen" of the area.

I really like the memorial and the statue there.

I walked over to the docks and Sharyn pointed out this Sea Lion lazing around at the docks.

A guy was dressing out some tuna and I suppose the Sea Lion was waiting for a handout.

There was lots of tuna dressed and waiting.

Walking back to the Musemobile I got this picture of this very large fishing boat pulling out of the dock.

Next we went to Sunset bay and it was for the birds both Seagulls and Ravens.

It's almost always a family place and children with their parents seem to love this great spot.

I wanted to get a good artistic shot so I took a picture of this green plant life growing from a huge driftwood log.

I also liked the grasses growing in the sand with the bluff in the background.

There were a few wildflowers blooming; always a welcomed sight.

We finally made it back to the Mill Casino's RV park and set up just in time to get a picture of the first boat of our stay.

The day was nice but there were some showers to the north east as the second tug arrived.

The third tug was one we had seen earlier crossing the bridge into North Bend over Coos Bay. It was the Dorine Brusco with something in tow.

The towee was a huge barge...

With the Amy Brusco steering the aft of the barge.

We cracked the crab and Sharyn made a great crab dip and then called me to come look at the moon rising over the bay. Shooting the moon is something I need to learn to do and I'm sure I'll get it right someday. The moon is bright and ...

... the foreground is dark so getting the right setting to get the craters to show is difficult if you want the foreground to be more than a shadow.

I tried all kinds of settings... this point I may have to ask Isaac for some advice...

... if I can get him to find the time between work and his studies.

I may just have to shoot the moon and the foreground in separate shots and Photoshop them together. Such is life when we refuse to read the manual.

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen 345 - The Contender 298 (Oh Well)

Quote of the Day ~
"I like to think that the moon is there even if I am not looking at it" ~ Albert Einstein


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!

Parapluie said...

Your moon pictures are better than I can take. Do look at my friend Rain's moon pictures and how she manages to take them. Then look through her list of labels and click on moon.

Parapluie said...

In particular look at Rain's post January 22, 2008 for how to particulars.


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