Monday, July 27, 2009

Hot Day - Cool River

Yes that's the barn across the Umpqua River from the Elkton RV park.

Since it was hot at home and cold on the coast we split the difference and stopped in Elkton for a couple of days. The river was great and the shade of the trees helped but it was warm... we opened the awning on the Musemobile and turned on the A/C for a comfortable 75 degrees.

The RV park was full and we were lucky to get a spot. There were a few families having get togethers like this one. Seemed like Grandparents and at least three children and several grandchildren...

... most spent as much time on the river fishing or just dipping in to cool off.

We were told the water was "bath tub warm" by one of the swimmers. I took that to mean it wasn't frigid enough to turn a person blue.

These two Kayaks looked like they would be great for sliding down the faster moving sections of the river and maybe the smaller falls.

Even the dogs got into the act.

This guy seemed to be happy as a clam fishing for small mouth bass and watching all the activity.

This time of year the water is crystal clear and beautifully blue.

I guess you don't even need a boat to ride the river...

These two took off in the faster water...

... bobbing and gaining speed as they went.

Walking back I took a picture of their colorful beach towels and sunglasses for my art pic of the blog.

Up on the hill above the river most of the RV's rested in the shade and some in the sun.

Just like in Alsea (the last blog) I got a picture of a bee doing what bees do, cross pollinate.

This young man was wearing a "Grumpy" tee shirt and reminded me of Matt's "Grumpy" shirt a few years ago.

I really liked this delicate white flower but I'm not sure what it was.

I do know Queen Anne's Lace but not sure I ever realized what it looks like unfolding. It starts as a tight ball...

... then slowly opens, at times looking like a birds nest...

... then like an open bowl...

... finally opening up into a beautiful white umbrella.

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen 323 _ The Contender 347

Quote of the Day ~
It gave me a moment of exquisite satisfaction to find myself moving away from civilisation in this rude canvas canoe of a model that has served primitive races since men first went to sea. ~ Edmund John Millington Synge (16 April 1871 – 24 March 1909) was an Irish playwright, poet, prose writer, and collector of folklore. He is best known for the play The Playboy of the Western World, which caused riots during its opening run at the Abbey theater. Synge wrote many well-known plays, including "Riders to the Sea", which is often considered to be his strongest literary work.

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