Friday, July 03, 2009

Elkton Part Three - It's all about the river

Needing a break after putting in over 160 1'x1'x4" paving blocks we headed to Elkton, Oregon.

After parking the Musemobile I took some pictures of the Umpqua River and the fishermen on the bank.

The river was lower than the last time we came and it was good...

... to see the rocks again and ...

...the potholes.

There was even a huge log sticking up from the middle of the river.

Looking up I could see the Musemobile resting in the shade next to a Super-Musemobile.

There was more vegetation growing in the potholes than the first time we came here.

The fishermen and fisher women were all from the same family. This is the grandfather and oldest grand daughter. He told me the Umpqua is considered the best small mouth bass fishing in the world according to experts.

Here is most of the family with grandparents two grand daughters and Scott in the white shirt who came and visited with us on his way back up to their rig. A very nice family Scott is in Portland and grandparents in Cottage Grove a perfect distance for grandparents in my opinion. I couldn't help but think of ours in Virginia and the rest of the Viels in San Diego.

Scott said they caught about ten bass - too cool.

Then there was this guy out in the middle of the river on the rocks - sounds like a drink.

Scott's dad told us about the great flood of 1964 that took out all the bridges in the area. Including the one this bridge replaced. Look back at the picture of the Musemobile up on the bank and think about how that would have been totally covered by the rising waters.

The river finds several paths in this section and here you see some small falls entering the swift straight path of the river.

Sharyn enjoyed her book while I snapped away.

Behind her was one of my favorite images the white barn across the Umpqua.

From where we were sitting I took a shot downstream as the Umpqua winds it's way to the Pacific Ocean.

Again looking west along the Umpqua river from water level.

There were some temporary ponds of trapped water ...

...and others that had already dried.

There were dry green spots and ..,

... and underwater potholes visible through the clear water...

... and I DO mean Clear.

I like the shapes ...

...and all the narrow paths of water kept clear by the constant flow.

Some of the potholes almost look like hand planted gardens...

... more perfect than most minds can imagine.

I hope this gives you an idea of how clear the water really is this time of year when the storms subside and mud isn't still washing down from the mountains.

I just love the potholes and the rocks and sand inside - no two are the same.

The next day (July 2, 2009) was swimming day. I followed these four young men moving up river (East) ...

... they went a little upstream from the log and dove in climbing onto the log. The guy to the left fell off and needed help getting back on the log. He was swimming for all he was worth just to stay in one place for a few seconds before being pulled up.

Then came the fun part ...

... cartwheels into the river...

... that looked like a lot of fun.

They then went off in the rivers flow. See if you can find all four in this picture.

There was another fisherman across the river in a tree near that cool barn. It was an Osprey that caught at least two fish while we watched diving into the river to pluck them out with a splash.

That night I go a telephoto shot of the moon in the evening sky ...

... and a broader view of the moon lighting the river below.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 341 ~ The Contender 338

Quote of the Day
“If you dam a river it stagnates. Running water is beautiful water. So be a channel.”
English Proverb

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s said...

u didn't get the pic of the young family that reminded me of us on our way to la jolla shores - young one in wet suit with sun hat, dad carrying the bogie board and beach umbrella and mom with the cooler. oh the fun times with the hogles!


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