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Art and the Vineyard - A Maude Kerns Center Event

Every year the Maude Kerns Art Center puts on a really great outdoor event called Art and the Vineyard. For years I thought it was Art in the Vineyard and couldn't understand why it wasn't held at a vineyard like Sweet Cheeks, Secret House, King Estates or one of the other fine Lane County vineyards. Sharyn pointed out this misconception on my part and I want to thank her before I start the blog.

This is the major money raiser for Maude Kerns Art Center but it's also a great event to bring artists and vineyards to the attention of those who enjoy Art and Wine. There are some great sponsors who help as well and this is four of them represented by their banners.

Everyone spends a lot of time walking the grounds so a food court is a necessity. Because it is Eugene, Oregon vegetarian food stands are always present.

The food court was a busy place like most of the areas in the venue.

The food was all great from what I could tell with several types of ethnic dishes. My favorite at the event was the Philly Cheese Steak.

The wrist band says Froggy and the man is a true individual a trait you find often in Oregon.

It is definitely a family event and this daughter and father were making the most of the day.

I'm always happy when I see Noelle Dass art on display and she always has a big crowd at her booth. This was Saturday and she had to stay at the Saturday market but had no problem getting two very nice guys watching the booth.

The artists that presented were all very fine, creative artists and artisans.

It's hard to realize the work that goes in to creating the art and crafts and even more the booth set up and then sit all day and still remain happy, kind and helpful. I'm not sure I could last more than an hour.

So much of the show is stunningly beautiful...

... and would be a wonderful addition in any home.

The artists are great to talk with the show is always a smash hit.

The grounds are in Alton Baker Park.

Alton Baker Park, Eugene’s largest developed park, is home to dozens of recreational features and facilities serving the City of Eugene since 1959. The park is made up of two major areas, the more developed West Alton Baker Park, and the 237-acre Whilamut Natural Area of Alton Baker Park.

I really liked this young guy who posed for a picture in the Piatt booth and the works were terrific. They were large ceramic masks and some other objects and were very interesting.

Wearable art in these colorful outfits were great to shoot for their color.

There was an Autistic Art Booth and the art was great and often very colorful.

I really liked this brass figure of a pole vaulter.

I also enjoyed the shot of two women looking at these mirrors.

The best odd booth host was this cute little pooch.

There was a stage with some great entertainment. This singer was as good as any I've ever heard.

There was the Maude Kerns information booth manned by Karen (orange shirt), Marsha (long brown hair - another refugee Houston ages ago) and a volunteer whose name I missed but with a great smile I'll not forget.

In an interview in Eugene Weekly I found this:

“It’s so magical,” says Maude Kerns Executive Director Karen Marie Pavelec. The festival, in its 26th year, features the artwork of approximately 160 artists, including the “garden art” portion. Pavelec says a combination of factors makes Art and the Vineyard a good bet. “It’s the great, wide variety of media that you can experience, and the beautiful setting of Alton Baker Park when it’s nice and sunny and there’s a cool breeze,” she says. Of course, there’s the Vineyard portion to go along with the Art: “You have the freedom of having a nice glass of wine from one of our Oregon wineries, meandering about, and you can hear the music in the distance.”

I went home for awhile and came back. My great parking place 10 feet from the entrance was replaced with parking across the Willamette River and EWEB the Eugene utility company. One advantage was this great shot of the event from above the river.

When I got back into the event I went to the Yard Art area and found this young man trying to understand an abstract and fun piece of outdoor metal decor.

There are always great outdoor art and I really liked this glass sphere in perpendicular metal circles.

I also enjoyed the welded metal circles...

... and this sweet metal fairy.

The park was filling up in front of the stage in preparation of the 4th of July Fireworks...

... while in the wine venue a band was playing folk tunes...

... while a crowd gathered to watch as well as listen.

While walking back to the stage area I stopped for a picture of the Pink Fairy Pony.

I settled into my lawn chair and took shots as I listened to the Bach Festival orchestra and people watched. I caught this young boy with what looked like 3-D glasses...

... and a woman relaxing waiting for the fireworks.

Yes, the crowd was growing as the Orchestra played "Rhapsody in Blue." The theme was Red, White, and Rhapsody in Blue! which was fitting for this patriotic day.

Sabrina stopped by and held my chair while I stretched my legs for a few. Sabrina is the first mate at Maude Kerns Art Center and whenever anything happens at the center you can bet Sabrina played a major role.

It was really getting dark and the park was filled behind where I was sitting for about 300 yards or more.

The fireworks were great ...

... beginning slowly ...

... and building ...

... more...

... and more ...

...until the final crescendo.

I walked slowly back to my car stopping to sit on a wall talk to an old guy who collected video tapes and said he was the first non-native American invited to join the American Indian Movement by Russel Means. When the crowd finally cleared I crossed the bridge and got this great shot of the moon over the Willamette River. It was a very good day.

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen - 315 ~ The Contender - 318

Quote of the Day ~
"Life is a festival only to the wise." Ralph Waldo Emerson (American Poet, Lecturer and Essayist, 1803-1882)


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