Monday, October 30, 2006

I have a few pictures from October 27 when we were at Sunset Bay that I wanted to add today.

While we were there enjoying our RV Burgers, hot off the stove, Scrabble Queen noticed this little girl playing in the surf. She looked a lot like Grand-Daughter #2 so I got a couple of pictures. Here is one of them.

We went a little further south toward Cape Arago and stopped at Seal Town at Simpson's Reef. There were hundreds of seals/sea lions and assorted birds flying around.

From a distance it just looks like some pretty scenery with huge rocks in the water but the sound of the bellowing seals is almost deafening.

Back at Coos Bay and the RV park we noticed a large area, about a mile or two long that was fenced off near the water. On closer inspection I could see an old worn out/falling apart boardwalk.

It runs parallel to the bay from north to south or vice versa (whichever you prefer) and was probably all of the old Mill's property, complete with several docks and short piers.

You can get some idea of the beauty along the boardwalk in these pictures. All it needs is a secure boardwalk and some landscaping and it will be a beautiful place for a walk.

Several old valves appear out of the weeds a sign of past prosperity.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done.

Looking South East we can see another pier.

There is still some traffic on the Bay, like this tug boat named the David Brusco pulling ......

... a barge full of logs (dead tree bodies) to the working mill just south of the Mill Casino.

So what is that behind the barge?

It's the Captain Louie a smaller tug used to help guide the barge.

I walked a little south toward the Casino and to get a better look at the boardwalk and the gulls that call it home or maybe it's their resort, sheltered from the ocean wind.

They seem to like the pilings for resting between scaring up food from the bay or tourists who toss them leftover French fries and hamburger buns.

The boardwalk is far from being completed.

But the gull could care less as long as they are free to plop and rest.

The old boardwalk and structures make for some nice pictures. I really enjoyed snapping picture after picture.

I look directly south and see the Mill Casino a very nice place for entertainment from fine food to a great buffet or playing the slots or even a great nights stay.

I walked back to the Musemobile with a camera full of pictures.

Pictures I really liked for the character of the old boardwalk and the blue of cook Bay.

rivers are a really cool bunch of people. This cabaret of Happy faces belongs to a couple from Eureka, California who own a bar. Nice people who enjoy traveling and meeting new people.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 295 - The Contender 321

Quote of the Day ~
"“He is a glorified gutter rat from a dying New Jersey town who walks with an easy swagger that is part residual stage presence, part boardwalk braggadocio. He nurtures the look of a lowlife romantic even though he does not smoke, scarcely drinks and disdains every kind of drug."” ~ Jay Cocks from a Time Magazine article about Bruce Springsteen.

Jay Cocks is a film critic and motion picture screenwriter.

He is a graduate of Kenyon College. He was a critic for Time, Newsweek, amongst other magazines, before graduating to film writing.

He worked with Martin Scorsese on The "Age of Innocence", as well as "Gangs of New York". He also worked with James Cameron on "Strange Days".

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