Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sisters, Sisters and more Sisters

Just east of Eugene is the town called Sisters. We were up there recently on the drive through the lava fields. Well it just happens that Scrabble Queen's sister "Equine Princess" came to town sooooooo we just had to drive to the town of Sisters again. So we loaded up everyone including "Super Putter" (Big Ed) into the Musemobile and headed east.

We arrived in the town with a big appetite and headed to "Bronco Billy's Ranch Grill & Saloon" for a quick meal. The entire building was originally the Hotel Sisters built in 1912.

Looking out from the front of Bronco Billy's we see a little of the western charm of the town complete with a cow mail box.

I really liked flower pot boot with a picture of Clint Eastwood (Star of the movie Bronco Billy) in the background.

This table in the grill reminded me of the scene where Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back while holding Aces & Eights, the dead man's hand.

This poster from the Sisters Rodeo of 1999 was pretty cool and we all liked it immediately. Unfortunately we couldn't find one in stock in the entire town of Sisters or on E-Bay.

Well the Sisters decided to shop the main drag of the town so Super-Putter and I waited in the Saloon while they shopped and I snapped away with the camera.

I liked the bandana window coverings a lot. Just the right amount of light and a nice western touch.

Even the "Dancing Girls" mural added to the rugged mountain man feel of the saloon. Actually a couple of the dancers look a little like mountain men.

There is always some humor in western towns, a very little humor in this case.

So I got bored while the girls shopped and tried the sepia tone setting on my camera to get the tree amongst the clouds.

I also used the black & white setting for this rooftop vent.

I then went back to sepia for the "El Rancho Grande" Mexican Restaurant. I really liked the contrast in this one.

I finally had to bail out the happy shoppers from the Sisters Jailhouse imprisoned for shopping without a license.

On the way back we saw a little snow on the side of the road at Santiam Pass (4817 feet).

Sahalie Falls was on the way back so made a quick stop to take some pictures and for "Equine Princess" to get a chance to see them.

To view the falls there is an easy walk on a very well maintained trail.

The girls took off on a longer hike to the top of the falls while I lingered below.

Trying to be creative I took a shot from the walkway down to the falls.

I first though this was a decorated railing until I looked closer and realized it was a decoration from Mother Nature, a leaf stuck to the railing by the rain.

One last look at the falls.

Further down the mountain we stopped to get a shot at a farmers yard art.

Super-Putter though we might want to buy this old car. We all tried to guess the make and model but not one of us knew for sure. I was holding out for a Packard or a Hudson. Ok so I looked it up and I think it is a 1947 Hudson Commodore or at least part of one.

1947 Hudson Commodore

No Scrabble with company in town (that would be impolite)

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Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to read your blogs Paul. Cant wait to see the muse mobile in the yard in good old Danby. Miss seeing you guys, give our best to Sharon.

VT Hogles


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