Saturday, October 21, 2006

Golfing on My Birthday (October 20)

Okay, so today is my birthday and a big party is planned for dinnertime. Before dinner Ed and I went to play golf at Middfield in Cottage Grove. Ed always remembers this course by the statue at the clubhouse. It's a pretty interesting statue made mostly of fencing wire (kinda like barbed wire [bobwire in Texas] and something sheet metal.

It is Autumn here and the leaves are red, gold, purple and green a pretty sight much like when we lived in New England.

This is looking back down the 9th fairway where we will end the round today.

Ed's tee shot off of the first tee. You can see the ball to the left of the white rock if you click on the picture to enlarge.

I put the camera away for the 2nd and 3rd holes but here is Ed's tee shot on the 4th. To see the ball in this picture enlarge the picture and look above the hood of the red 18 wheeler on Interstate 5 behind the green. Nice shot Ed, but the best is yet to come.

When we moved to Oregon Andrew called this the Taco Bell hole because the billboard to the left of the green was a Taco Bell ad. Now it's the Carl's Junior hole. It's 123 yards with traps to the left and right and a pond to the right as well.

Well Ed proceeds to take out his 5 wood, a Calloway Big Bertha 5 wood, and hits the yellow ball he's using on a path to glory. Straight, low and hitting just a little short of the green. But that's not the end of the story. The ball proceeds forward along the green for about 20 feet, up a rise on the green another 16 feet and ...............................into.................the ................Hole!!! For a hole-in-one. Well I ended up with a 4 and lost 3 strokes after being ahead by two. It's an amazing thing to see a hole in one personally. For Ed it's nothing new I think he's had about for of them in his golfing past (50 or so years). I haven't heard of many 84 year old golfers getting a hole-in-one.
Way to go Ed!!

Looking at the fall colors in Oregon is too cool and to be able to play golf on a beautiful day with Ed was very special. This is the sixth tee, it's a long straight hole and I breathed a sigh of relief that Ed would not get a hole-in-one here.

Ed hit his one bad shot of the day on this very short (74 yards) hole you can see the ball veering to the right just above and to the right of the stake to the right of the green. I got a par 3 on this hole to catch back up with Ed.

The eighth hole is another long par four and we tied this one.

The last hole we played is this long par four beautifully maintained and lined with fall colors.

Ed's last tee shot was long and straight but I beat him on this hole to eke out a one stroke win for the round (Ed says he let me win for my birthday). Well I reported Ed's one shot on the fifth hole to the clubhouse and they put Ed's achievement in the newspaper - and Ed ended up with a trophy as well.

I was a big winner though with a wonderful dinner of home made lasagna and wonderful cake and time with those I love who could be there and notes or calls from those that couldn't show. Life is good!!!!!!

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 345 --- the contender 324 Boo Hiss

Quote of the Day.
"I'm 46; I don't really feel 46. I didn't hit the ball like I was 46. I putted like I was 66." ~ Fred Couples Professional Golfer has won 15 PGA tour titles. Fred was born in Seattle just north of our home in Oregon and Lives in Santa Barbara just south of here and Attended my Alma Mater, University of Houston. He is one of the most liked of the tour pros and always has a smile.

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