Monday, December 26, 2005

The last few days in review

The last few days in review begins with a trip to the Chula Vista Farmer's Market in the downtown area. There was a good selection including smoked fish.

Beautiful cut flowers and fresh veggies including squash blossoms that when prepared correctly make for a wonderful Quesadilla. Needless to say we bought some. By the way this is the cut flowers and we didn't cook them.

On their way back to the car I took this picture because I liked the composition of the streetlight and the tree.

Christmas Day dinner was at Steven and Martha's home and took a few pictures there including this one of Chris making binocular eyes....

...and Samantha with her blinking red nose.

Scrabble Queen ate on the patio with the more mature boys.

The dinner table inside was beautifully set by Martha for the dinner.

After eating there was nothing to do but play with Chris on the slide...

and Kevin turning flips off of the monkey swing.

Kevin had made a mini fire ring like the one I showed him how to make at Gettysburg.

Then it was time for me to play with my camera taking flower pictures.

First a beautiful new bloom

...and this cone flower looking bud just blooming...

...and these delicate red blooms....

and finally one of my artsy pics of the wheelbarrow

That night we took a drive to Coronado Island to the Hotel Del Coronado but on the way stopped by the 101 dalmations house.

What a joy for the neighborhood kids to see and wonderful Griswold's Christmas Adventure.

The "Del" (what we locals call the Hotel Del Coronado) was as magnificent as ever. The hotel that became famous years ago and when "Some Like it Hot" was filmed became a San Diego "must see" attraction.

The courtyard gazebo is like a gem in the inner recesses of the grand old hotel.

Maybe the most nostalgic thing was seeing the Crown chandelier in the Crown room - It was a favorite of Scrabble Queen's mom Brunch Queen. Virginia loved the Champaign brunch at the Del as did we all. She is very missed especially at Christmas.

No Scrabble

Quote of the Day
The Set-up
Jerry (Jack Lemon) has dressed as a girl to escape mobsters out to kill him and Osgood (Joe E. Brown) falls for Jerry and is proposing.

The Quote
Jerry : Oh, you don't understand, Osgood! Ehhhh... I'm a man.
Osgood : Well, nobody's perfect.

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