Monday, December 19, 2005

The Impressive Chargers to the Playground

The day started with a drive to Escondido to clarify some questions for Ed about the new DVD player and to look into his medications with the staff of Cypress Court. On the way there we passed what used to be Jack Murphy Stadium now called Qualcomm Stadium due to some rather large corporate gift a few years ago. Indianapolis' unbeaten season ended Sunday in a 26-17 loss to a San Diego team desperate to make the playoffs. Go Bolts !! (This is for Matt the most loyal of Charger Fans)

Later it looked like a gull was going to attack this Charger antenna ball ~ probably a disgruntled Colts fan.

There is beauty all around even this grocery store parking lot where I snapped some shots while waiting in the car as Scrabble Queen went shopping for some "crab boil" for a dish we were making, she found it but I think it was reallyCayenne pepper mixed with salt.... yeow!! was it ever hot.

Even the Colts gull fan club liked the roof of the store.

Back at the RV park I took this picture of the sundown glow.........

...and got a bonus shot of a helicopter

Steven brought the three older boys by for some play time with the go-carts (human powered)....

Chris loved the ride....

....... and the playground slide

I thought this was a clever idea, a Mobile Health Clinic called the "Spirit of Caring"

This reminded me of the Johnny Cash song and recent movie "I Walk the Line"

The artsy picture of the day I titled "Sunset Behind Bars" It's a playground aparatus at the RV park.

No Scrabble or Score

Quote of the Day
"All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream." ~ Edgar Allen Poe, Poet and Author

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Pink Fairy said...

Everything is beautiful in your pictures.. It makes your part of the globe alluring.
The colours are so vivid and exciting it is dull and almost boring here..

From Emily.


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