Sunday, December 11, 2005

Big Ed and Champagne Golf

Today was a play day. Scrabble Queen and her sister, Rancher Girl, went shopping while I went golfing with their dad, Big Ed. I wore my tennis shoes (wrong sport) while Big Ed donned his new golf shoes that had never been worn. The scene of the crime was Lawrence Welk Golf Resort.

This community started by Lawrence Welk was begun years ago with the golf course and several condos, it was originally mostly seniors and fans of the bubble king. The grounds and course were very nice....

...with plenty of beautiful trees and mostly green grass.

Overlooking the course were boulder-covered hills with huge homes along the ridge.

Big Ed was troubled by a bad knee but played well with shots like this long one down the middle on the fourth hole....

....and another solid hit on the 7th hole.

I hit a nice drive on this hole (9th) and a long fairway wood onto the right shoulder of the distant green.

On the back nine we came to the Texaco Hole named after the marquee behind the green.

Winding down the hill this was a fun cart path to drive, it was a little like a road race on a tin can.

Great setting for this hole with the boulders backing the green.

This tree behind one of the last greens was huge for the area and like a giant umbrella.... I took another picture.

Back at Ed's digs and storing his clubs in the trunk of his car. Ed won by 5 strokes.

Scrabble Score Scrabble Queen (like her father) beat me bad 312 to 289 for the Contender

Quote of the Day ~
"In the game of life it's a good idea to have a few early losses, which relives you of the pressure of trying to maintain an undefeated season." ~ Lee Trevino quotes (American Golf Professional)

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