Sunday, December 11, 2005

Day 6 - Peter, Lancaster and Escondido

This is a two for one day be sure to read ==> Day 5 -Following James Dean

The day started at 5:00am ~ way too early

Sharyn, Isaac and I drove to CSP Lancaster to wait in line to visit Peter as the sun was trying to decide wether it would pop up or not.

At 5:30 in the morning there is already a long line of vehicles waiting to surge toward the gate at 7:30 when the visitors are assigned numberfs and let in to visit their relative (sons, nephews, husbands and even grandsons, uncles, fathers) and some as lovers and close friends.

As the sun rose the blue of the sky looked promising reflecting in the "moat."

Of course we are not allowed to have cameras on the grounds and fater returning to the Musemobile I took this picture of the water tower next food and the hospital.

As we wound our way through Lancaster and then Palmdale I got a shot of this bright yellow hot rod with red flames.

We arrived in Escondido and immediately set up the RV complete with glowing snowmen.

We then took off for dinner with family at .............. Rubios Fresh Mexican Grill ~ the grill formerly known as Rubios Fish Tacos....

Jill & George were there already with Steven & Martha and the grandchildren, David, CJ (Chris), Samantha, JD (Dylan ~my name for him because I like Bob Dylan) and ........

The surprise of the evening Kevin - yup Kevin is a west coast boy now so I better teach him to say "dude"

Chris is now talking up a storm and is so sweet and loving and just loves hugs........

JD enjoyed a cuddle with grandma

Samantha is already showing signs of being an independant woman probebly a lawer or doctor..

Then there is Mister heart-throb David so handsome and always helpful and kind..

It was a day of kindness to our souls to see Peter and hear him laugh with Isaac over a conversation about nachos and seeing Kevin back home finally, seeing JD for the first time in person and seeing more than one son at the same time. I've heard alot about what to do when life gives you lemons but what do you do when life gives you lollipops...........

Scrable Score The Queen 306 - The opposition 279

Quote of the
Day "There's nothing worse than being an aging young person." ~ Richard Pryor quotes (American Actor and Comedian, b.1940 - d. December 10, 2005)

Along with his Grammys and Emmy, his script for the comedy satire "Blazing Saddles" written along with Mel Brooks, won the American Writers Guild Award and the American Academy of Humor Award in 1974.

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