Sunday, May 25, 2014

Another day in Paradise

We have a White-Crowned Sparrow nesting in the tree just in front  of the RV at Port of Newport RV Park

In the distance we can see the Yaquina Bay Bridge and it's twin towers

From a distance you can see they are actually Quadruplets 

I really liked this dark red boat and ...

... The Newport Belle a stern-wheeled riverboat B&B constructed in 1993. She is 97′ long with a beam of 24′. With nearly 3,000 sq. ft. of living space on three decks and combines the nostalgia of a turn-of-the-century atmosphere with all the amenities the modern traveler expects.

Later we saw a Farmers Market and stopped in to see what we could find

 It wasn't just groceries but crafts and flowers
 South of the Yaquina Bay bridge is a great  Crab cookery with a flying saucer on the roof of the cooker

 I walked around taking pictures in the wooded area while waiting for our food and found the cool shot...

 ... and some small flowers were nearby...

 ... as well as a deflowered Rhododendron.

 I liked the "The Ice Man Cometh" motto on this Ice Delivery truck

 I'm not sure what the place is called other than "Crab"

 Issac and Julia arrived and Julia took Lola for a walk while Isaac walked Harley.

 The bridge was beautiful as the sun set...

 ...and the Musemobile went into catering mode...

 Harley climbed onto the sofa...
...and Lola sat at Isaac's feet

Thought of The Day ~ "That’s because it’s the last harbor. No one here has to worry about where they’re going next, because there is no farther they can go." ~ Eugene O'Neill from "The Iceman Cometh"

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