Monday, February 06, 2012

Dinner in Portland

 Driving to Portland, Oregon on a clear day you realize there are some really big mountains to the east. It is the Cascade range and it is chocked full of volcanoes like Mount Hood.

"The Multnomah name for Mount Hood is Wy'east. In one version of the legend the two sons of the Great Spirit Sahale fell in love with the beautiful maiden Loowit who could not decide which to choose. The two braves, Wy'east and Klickitat, burned forests and villages in their battle over her. Sahale became enraged and smote the three lovers. Seeing what he had done he erected three mountain peaks to mark where each fell. He made beautiful Mount St. Helens for Loowit, proud and erect Mount Hood for Wy'east, and the somber Mount Adams for the mourning Klickitat."

We arrived in Portland about 3:43 (well exactly at 3:43.45) and found a spot to park in front of Grand Central Bakery. The newly re-modeled Hawthorn location is a Portland that now is a great place to sip and read read your paper surrounded by beautiful kiwi vines and in warm weather ample outdoor deck seating as well.
 The area around Hawthorn Blvd is built on a series of gently rolling hills with a background of big pine trees...
 ... and telephone poles with posters stapled to them advertising one show...

 ... after another.

 The Portland convention center was near the route Isaac and Nicole took us to dinner and I got a quick shot through some trees as we drove past.   The twin spires are illuminated annually on September 11 in memorial of the events of 9/11.

 I didn't get a chance to identify this building as we zipped past but I do like architectural style, art deco, I remember seeing buildings similar growing up in Houston Texas.

 The economy must be doing okay in Portland because it has several large construction projects moving forward on Williams ...

 ... and some great places to feed your Epicurean desires. There is my wonderful son in the background along with Nicole and the Scrabble Queen.(you can click on the pictures for the larger version) The eatery we are in is called Tasty N Sons. We all had Low Country Hush Puppies (fantastic) , Fried Cauliflower & Olives with harissa cream (a first but great enough not to be the last) and I ordered Monk's Carolina Cheesesteak that was very very good although next time I'll have them eliminate the lettuce.

 While waiting for the order I walked around in the building Tasty occupies getting a look into their kitchen...

 ... followed by an indoor garden next to a barber shop...

 and just before the personal transportation locker room.

 I also liked this view down a long corridor onto Williams street.

 I liked the touch of the ground pepper mill a small metallic cup of salt and a candle on the tables...

 ... and the capped bottle of water.

After leaving Tasty I noticed this marker in a driveway on NE Beech - must be a surveyor's mark - cool.

Quote of the Day ~ "Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside." ~ Mark Twain

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