Sunday, February 19, 2012

Visiting with The other Viels & Bruce

After visiting with Steven's great family the other day we had a chance to visit Martha and the kids so we took off for Chula Vista in the micro mini Musemobile...

... where Christian visited us at the door and welcomed us in to show us some pictures he had colored.

Chris concentrated while showing us his work...

... until Martha and Samantha came in to visit. Jason and David were asleep but we had a great visit with Martha and Samantha while ...

Chris was busy setting a new record on his hand held game device.

Martha explained to Sharyn and I the work she was doing with Jason for school and we were very impressed by the amount of work she does with the children assuring them a good education. It was a very uplifting visit to see how wonderful Steven's family were growing in knowledge and how much difference good parenting makes in the lives of our grandchildren.

Sharyn's cousin Bruce also lives in Chula Vista and is a great example of what an engineering education can do. Bruce is an amazing individual in what you can accomplish with some planning and knowledge. Note the Solar paneled roof...

... but the fact that Bruce has no electric bill (or actually gets credits) is not the end of it all. Bruce has upgraded his kitchen as only an engineer can do. This panel of switches will be explained later.

He is planning on getting a couple of boarders in the future and has set up refrigerators so each person can have their own food storage...

... and displays some of his philosophy on one of the doors.

He had found the glass top for this table and engineered designed and had the legs custom made...

...his backsplash is made from brushed stainless steel...

... installed dual water filters and the light beneath the sink is controlled by the 4-way switch I showed earlier.

He also created a 4 bin drawer for waste and if you notice the shopvac beneath the sink and go back to the switch it is used to run the vacuum that will automatically suck up and varmints like fruit flys and gnats the bin area through a conduit from the vac to the bin area with one flip of a switch.

The third switch illuminates the back splash either in color or brilliant white while the fourth switch is a flood light for the sink itself.
With all of that comes a great entertainment room with a huge HDTV, Blu-Ray player, computer station that Steve Jobs would envy and plenty of great natural light. Bruce is one amazing individual and very creative.

Quote of the Day~
"Why do a Half-Assed Job
With only twice the effort
You can do the job of a complete ass." ~ Bruce Bierman 

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