Monday, February 22, 2010

Amici Chamber Music & Art Show at Emerald

I love the murals on this building in downtown Springfield, Oregon that Houses the Emerald Art Center.

I walked in early and had a chance to view some of the art on the walls.

Renee Manford's "Piano Man" (top center) was one of the 10 Art Pieces in a contest being held tonight...

To see better quality pictures of the art [Click Here]

... and there was Renee herself enjoying the show and talking to a friend who came.

The art reception and show is only a part of what was happening tonight. Young musicians encouraged by Chamber Music Amici presented a wonderful music show.
"Chamber Music Amici is the first resident company of the Richard E. Wildish Community Theater, founded in 2009. With five core musicians, guest musicians as needed, a part-time staff, and dedicated community board members, our mission is to produce excellent, affordable chamber music concerts which appeal to all ages. In collaboration with the Springfield School District, District 4J, and the Eugene Arts Umbrella, we also aim to promote the development of a new generation of chamber music lovers."

The young musicians were wonderful and made the reception a real motivational treat.

I walked outside for some fresh air and took a few pictures in the dark. I liked this backhoe shot that looked like it had snowed.

I caught this train passing by a few blocks away...

... and this great pipe system running down the building...

... and around the corner...

... leading to this great mural.

Back inside a new group was playing ...

... then a third group...

... all within a small section of the Emerald Art Center.

I like the contrast of the painting of a man playing the violin with the young woman on the foreground.

This young group was really great ...

... and the concentration of the young people was impressive...

... especially this very nice young man I spoke with just before the performance.

The final quartet all stood while playing ...

... with grace and poise that made their parents proud.

To give you an idea of the area used I walked to the back of this narrow room (there was a larger room with some finger food next door) for a few pictures.

Chamber Music Amici presented a check from the funds raised and announced the winner of the People's Choice for the 10 art pieces and the winner was my friend Renee Manford - Congratulations Renee

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen 332 - The Contender 329

Quote of the Day ~
"A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy." ~ Albert Einstein

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I love the pipes and all the photos.


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