Saturday, March 06, 2010

Art Show in Creswell and Art Walk in Eugene

Every event has a muse that rarely takes center stage. The Creswell Library has Carol who makes sure "it" happens...

... and other muses like Esther and Stacy who have the youth and drive to make things go. Of course I can't forget Yaakov Levine the other library staffer, you can't have the time to do all this work without someone "watching the store."

Helen is everywhere and when she stops for a second she puts together a great newspaper "The Creswell Chronicle" our wonderful weekly newspaper.

The woman in the black is Su the Library Director and driving force of library operations.

So it is time for the Annual Creswell Library art show featuring many area artists who presented some really great art work.

Stacy from the library staff brought this great photographic piece and ...

... Esther (the lady at the top of the ladder) painted this great winter scene.

Some of the art like this piece by Bob Hoffman was abstract and flowing..

... while this graceful piece was ethereal and thoughtful...

... and this one was inspiring. The title is "The Plein Air Artist" by Sally Schwader and the artist pictured is a friend, Brooks Hickerson, who formed the Plein Air Artists of Eugene/Springfield. He is an inspiration and a soft spoken ex-Texan. (If there is any such thing as an ex-Texan)

Another friend, Jim Moon, painted this great western scene.

Some of the art just amazed me, I love these goats...

... and Shirley Froyd's chickens.

Some young people from Cottage Grove created several of these colorful collages.

A few miscellaneous shots between art events include the "Hand Grenade" sticker on a car near the U of O. What is that all about?

I also got an interesting shot of a particularly colorful moon rise.

Now it's time for the First Friday Art Walk and I'm in the parking structure on Willamette known as the Parcade and this is their "E" from the second floor.

I didn't do a lot of walking tonight (still getting my sea legs) but got a shot of the Karin Clarke gallery with some patrons viewing the art of Margaret Coe...

Margaret is one of my favorite artists in the area and the mother of Karin...

... also the grand mother of new baby "M" a wonderful lad who worked the crowd along with mom and grand mom. What a great family and exciting gallery.

I wasn't the only camera person there but not nearly as colorful or sparkling as this smiling lady.

One of the things I like about much of Margaret's work are the people that sometimes show up in her works. There is a tiny to the right center in this painting on the point of land.

Renee Manford was manning the Annex which was, like the main gallery, very busy tonight.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy the art walk for all the variation and inspiration.

The art walks are not just for seniors like me I am seeing more and more young people at the walks and only wish I had developed this appreciation spent more time with art much earlier in my life.

The sun had set as I sat on a bench outside the Karin Clarke annex but the sky was still blue...

... and the parcade took on the orange glow of the street lights as art danced and ...

... a street musician played a soft tune.

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen 314 ~ The Contender 328

Quote of the Day ~
"Ethereal minstrel! pilgrim of the sky!" ~ William Wordsworth


Yaakov Levine, NTP said...


I enjoyed your coverage of our wonderful Art Show, "muse" Carol and my co-workers. Thanks for getting the word out! Yaakov

Anonymous said...

Fabulous blog Paul.


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