Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ben plate va à l'Oregon

Flat Ben came to Oregon today to a springlike day full of blooming flowers.

We first took him to University of Oregon. Many do not realize Harvard is known as the University of Oregon of the East.

Flat Ben pointed out U of O was founded in 1876. While Harvard was established in the 1600's, the truth is that it's greatness was formulated much later.
"During his 40-year tenure as Harvard president (1869–1909), Charles William Eliot radically transformed Harvard into the pattern of the modern research university. Eliot's reforms included elective courses, small classes, and entrance examinations. The Harvard model influenced American education nationally, at both college and secondary levels."

On campus is a wonderful Museum of Natural and Cultural History that has a replica of Oregon's Willamette Meteorite the largest meteorite found in the United States and the sixth largest in the world.

Ben read the plaque just to believe it was true.

Flat Ben became part of a great sculpture titled "Spring Run" by Mack Holman. Holman , a U of O graduate, operates Mack Foundry in Drain, Oregon. He teaches occasionally at Southwestern Oregon Community College. Holman was responsible for the restoration of the Knight Library north facade bronze doors, originally designed by O. B. Dawson. Spring Run was unveiled, and the Glen Starlin courtyard was dedicated on May 18, 2000, at the Museum of Natural History.

Then it was a short drive to the coast and the cliffs holding the Seal Caves.

The seal caves overlook one of the most photographed sights on the Oregon coast...

... Heceta Lighthouse.

Yup that is the Pacific in the background.

Hang Ten Dude! Flat Ben decided to do a little surfing.

Then, in the gift shop, Flat Ben went for a snack...

... and some souvenir Seals.

As you can see the seals gather in the cave dug into the cliff by the ocean.

Looking south we can see the beginning of the Oregon Dunes Recreational Area that runs all the way from Florence, Oregon to North Bend.

Ben Enjoyed Heceta beach and built a sand fort and was ready to raise his flag...

... but decided to search the beach for sand dollars.

While Flat Ben found no sand dollars he did find a seagull feather.

You might call the Sutton trails north of Florence the Siuslaw National Forest's mix-and-match trail system. That's because from multiple trailheads you can hike various loops from 1 to 3 miles or combinations of loops with little or no backtracking. Sutton trailheads can be found in the Forest Service's Sutton Campground and near this spot the Holman Overlook.

Sutton Creek is
a slow-moving stream that empties into the ocean north of Florence's Heceta Beach area.

It was a special walk to the over look and finding the son of it's namesake C.D. (Dave) Holman. His name is Paul Holman and posed with Flat Ben at the overlook of Sutton Creek.

This is a wonderful plaque dedicated to Paul's Dad.

Flat Ben was thirsty and stopped at Sweet Beans a drive through coffee stand and got a hot chocolate.

When we got back home Flat Ben tried out our neighbor Scott's Quad and loved the chance to to a wheelie.

Saint Frances of the Garden welcomed Flat Ben to the garden for some tea.

Flat Ben then spent the rest of the beautiful day on our front porch watching the sheep mow the grass.

Happy Birthday to Real Ben.

No Scrabble we watched the BAFTA Awards.

Quote of the Day ~
"Painting is the art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather and exposing them to the critic"~ Henry Louis Mencken

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