Friday, November 07, 2008

First Friday Art Walk Margaret Coe and Shanna Trumbly

It's another First Friday so it's time for another Art Walk here in Eugene.

Karin Clarke gallery was featuring Margaret Coe an absolutely wonderful artist.

I walked around here in Eugene, Oregon and almost felt the pull of Europe. I've always wanted to visit Toledo, Spain and this painting took me there. After talking to Margaret Coe I discovered it was actually France near Paris I believe. That didn't matter though the feel was the same.

Something I like in so much of her work is the figures of people almost hidden but always drawing my attention.

This painting has a great quality it took awhile and a hint from Ms. Coe before I realized the darker left side of the painting and the lighter more brilliant right. It really is a play on night and day - just lovely.

Another figure amidst swooping rooftops and splashes of color gave me the feeling of movement like time pulsing perhaps like a heartbeat.

Gallery visitors stood for long looks at the work. Lingering has always been to me a great compliment for an artist and there was a lot of lingering tonight.

The Karin Clarke gallery was awash in color and form for this truly remarkable show.

I enjoyed very much the work of Margaret Coe.

I walked down Willamette to Fenario Gallery to see if Hank was there tonight. I'd taken two pictures in to be printed for the Maude Kerns Member show and wanted to see how they had turned out. That's one of then on the table just a little right of center at the bottom of the picture.

Shanna Trumby was showing tonight and I really love her creative nature. This owl is marvelous. There is a saying on the painting that says "It wasn't her stellar beauty and intense gaze that drew the love seekers to her"

Then there is the Queen. "One glance at the giant red beet, and the queen fell madly in love" is the message beneath the beet.

This work is titled "Beeting Hearts"
"Wishing Adeline and the Shooting Stars," depicts a rabbit and wonderful purple flowers in the wind.

I headed back north on Willamette toward the Karin Clarke Gallery Annex noting how dark it was at six-thirty.

On the way I passed by a martial arts dojo where they appeared to be having fun.

When I go to the annex Vern was there heading out for a walk in the cool air (not cold - cool)

During the Art Walk when my I get tired I like to stop off at the Karin Clarke Gallery and sit on the very soft black sofa for a rest. When it's not too busy I say hi to Renee who watches over the Annex gallery for Karin.

One of me favorite artist often shown in the Annex is Adam Growsowsky and he had some new pieces I just loved like this one that was above the sofa...

... and this one titled "Yellow Landscape." I'm not sure yet why his work appeals to me so much. It might be the color or the excellent use of dark spaces to highlight the bright and vivid color.
I especially like this one - I have no idea why but it made me smile.

Another of my favorite artists at the Karin Clarke Gallery is Robert Schlegel. Robert is another artist I really enjoy and I have no clue why.

On my way back to the car I caught this woman dancing in the hallway across the street. How great it is to feel so free you dance in the night.

Scrabble Score - We didn't play tonight but last night I took a real beating from Scrabble Queen. I think she beat me by a number only comparable to the size of the recent corporate bailout.

Quote of the Day -
“Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching." ~ Satchel Paige

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Thank you for the marvelous tour of Eugene Galleries. The photographs are very good.


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