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Art for All Seasons - Maude Kerns Art Center

I received my invitation in the mail to the Maude Kerns Art Center's "Art for All Seasons" art show but even better Karen Pavelec, executive director of Maude Kerns Art Center, invited me to show two of my Giclee' picture's at the show.

I liked the post card and the diversity of art it showed.

The Maude Kerns Center looked a bit eerie in the dark and despite low light and no tripod I tried a picture without flash and liked the effect.

The billboard in front of the Center gave the information on the show and it's sponsor Oregon Family Dental. The show is a members works, show and sale that is the product of the work done at MKAC. It's not just a gallery but a working studio and art education center with lots of hands on focus.

Inside it was bright and full of great creations.

One of these really nice yellow figures was on the post card for the event.

There were great still life paintings ...

... and portraits and landscapes.

There was also great music by Amey Herrman on violin and Doug Haydon on Guitar.

What a great setting for soft and sweet music.

As the show started more and more patrons showed up to browse.

I had to be patient to get shots of the art without being blocked.

But I managed a few like this wall of art.

I did, however, enjoy taking shots of the patrons viewing the paintings.

Another of the paintings on the postcard invitation was this great landscape by Mark Clarke.
I was fascinated by this piece by Tom Boyden titled "Cotton Candy Afloat" a recycled lamp.

In the ceramics room I was amazed at the diversity ...

...and beauty of these works from the artists at "Club Mud" located behind the MKAC gallery.

I especially liked the statue of the man with ducks. One of the MKAC folks in the room secretly titled it "Aflac in the Rain"

I'd have to say very creative and very well done to these artists.

I then caught a visitor who was either admiring my pictures, the framed one's to the left or else tasting the cheese and crackers.

Yes it was a full house.

Some friends showed up also. That's Vern and Renee wearing black coats in the center of the picture.

I even got them to pose and was impressed with Vern's suspenders and Renee's colorfully patterned dress.

Sharyn looked pretty classy in her Navy coat. I did miss getting a picture of our friend Carol Campbell which I regret. Sorry Carol you looked in that red jacket. I was pleasantly surprised to see Jim and Yolanda Moon two great neighbors from Creswell.

What a great piece this was using an old freestanding mirror.

One of the most commented on paintings was this one of goats at the round barn.

There were so many techniques and such a diverse showing I plan to go back and take more time just viewing.

One corner of the show centered on unique lighting fixture art.

This irregular lantern was graceful and very calming to look at and ...

... this really cool piece was both simple and wonderfully complex - I just loved it.

Being an old baseball player I really liked the home plate with a colored bat.

I got a picture of Karen Pavelec taking a picture with my pictures in the background.

Even a nice one of MY pictures behind this smiling patron.

The top mixed media piece is titled "It Doesn't Paint a Pretty Picture" by Mike Walsh and the lower piece is "The Inner Sea" by Anita Browning. Very thoughtful and very nice.

If I have a favorite piece it's this one by an artist named Jerry Ros... titled "Portrait of Ang..."

*{I'll have to go back and fill in the dots I didn't get all of the title or artist.}

Sabrina is one of the great staff members at Maude Kerns Art Center. - Great smile

There is Karen and Marsh talking over the success of the show and maybe Karen's excitement about the tickets she received for her birthday to the Joan Baez Concert she is going to a little later.

After the show I ran by Creswell Coffee for some java and really great music and to say thank you to Jim and Yolanda for coming to the show.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 328 - The Contender 319

Quote of the Day ~
“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” ~ Oscar Wilde (Irish Poet, Novelist, Dramatist and Critic, 1854-1900)

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