Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mayor's Art Show & Some Flowers

I did something I'd never done before this day. I went to the Mayor's Art Show.

The actual show was below the Hult Center Lobby where the awards were presented. They had speakers and some live music and I took a few pictures. I was waiting to meet an artist I knew, Bets Cole, to give her some pictures I'd taken at an art show she was in at Maude Kearns. It was a great place to wait and one I had wanted to take my camera.

I like the interior of the building for it's huge open space and combination of cold grey concrete and warm brown wood. With a little green for our Emerald City.

Banners were hung for the major events/programs of the Hult Center:

  • Eugene Ballet Company
  • Eugene Concert Choir
  • Eugene Opera
  • Eugene Symphony
  • Oregon Bach Festival
  • Oregon Mozart Players
  • The Shedd Institute

I moved from behind the piano (upper right of this picture) to the next level up some stairs. There was a very large crowd for the opening ceremonies.

Our Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy gave a fine opening presentation expressing her appreciation of the arts and the artists of our city.

After cutting the ribbon the crowd were down the stairs in a flash to go through the exhibit. I had found Bets and given her the CD of images and then took one of her entry in the show a beautiful rural scene.

I couldn't believe how crowded it was in the Jacobs Gallery and it reminded me of the Van Goth exhibit in Los Angeles. 

Bets painting is called "Morning Valley Vista" is an Acrylic and I like the placement at the entrance to the gallery between two very complimentary paintings.

And here is the artist with a big smile and ready to get on to meet some friends I appreciated her stopping for a quick picture.

It was very crowded and I figured I was getting more carbon dioxide so I took some shots on the way out.

This was a very interesting piece I am still looking at the larger image to understand a bit better.

I especially liked the portrait here and the layout of the wall was very nice.

Back at home I took a few flower pictures. These are so new I didn't even know what they are.

Some are reaching their last days.

Some are still blooming and ...

... some were just pretty leaves.

Isaac found my camera and took the next two pictures and they came out great like this pink and yellow Dahlia...

... and this beautiful blue and red morning glory.

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen 332  -  The Contender 329

Quote of the Day ~ 
If you elect a matinee idol mayor, you're going to have a musical comedy administration. ~ Robert Moses


Anonymous said...

Great blog P, that sculpture is so complex, it looks great.

Parapluie said...

Good to see Bets Cole represented. Could the the unknown flowers be Canna Tropacana?


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