Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ed's 39 - again

Autumn is coming on fast but not here yet.

The elections are a short time away and I find it hard to believe some folks are already voting. We get our ballots soon here in Oregon and Sharyn ever the action person is helping lead the Obama campaigning here in Creswell. 

With all this going on we added some soil to reduce the natural slope of our front lawn and a small section of the back. Rexius blew in the soil and I smoothed it out added seed and covered the area in peat moss. At this point (four days ago) the grass is kicking in and looking good.

The lichen is doing well on the Hazelnut trees in the field next to the house.

The new grass looks good and in a week or so I can cut it down.

I took this shot of a very old Maple tree and threw in in the blog just for fun.

Well today was Ed's birthday so we took him ... the Village Green Resort for a nice birthday lunch.

Sharyn decided to walk him over in his wheel chair (it was only two blocks away) but I wanted to take the car over and take a few pictures.

The Village Green Resort is being renewed and it's coming along great.

It was once the place where movie stars came to relax in the beautiful Oregon countryside.

The gardens are looking great although this is not the time to come to see the blooms it is beautiful.

I looked in every direction in the courtyard and was impressed by the simple beauty of the garden.

There were graceful arches, a gazebo and ...

... a  fountain.

There was also this cute mailbox.

I was fascinated by the seed pods on this plant.

I also liked the bee inside this trumpet plant.

I even liked the trumpet plant without a bee.

There was another fountain out front that was one of those hole in a boulder fountains I really like.

While standing out front I saw this guy riding his recumbent 3-wheeler across the street probably on his way to the Walmart a block to the East.

When we got Ed into the Restaurant he was given his birthday cards.

We had a great conversation about his birthday finding out he was 39 again.

Then Sharyn pulled out the cell phone after we ordered and called Jilly and Jesse then Vivian and Monica and all gave their happy birthdays. Jesse even informed Ed he and Janelle were making him a great grandfather - again. We can't wait for the pictures of Colton (the baby's name when he emerges into the light of day. 

We were in a very delightful booth and Ed and I had the coconut shrimp while Sharyn had a very nice salad.

Then Sharyn wheeled Ed back home. Ed's room is behind Sharyn and behind the tree with the yellow top. We had a very nice time on a very nice day. After getting home we knocked on some doors for the Obama/Biden ticket and the side benefit was getting to meet our neighbors in Creswell.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 290 ~  The Contender 339

Quote of the Day ~ 
“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” ~  Lucille Ball

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