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9/2008 - Art Walk ~ Faye Nakamura and Steven Lopez

It's another First Friday Art Walk in Eugene and I'm in town and hop in the Mini-Musemobile and head north to Eugen.

I got a great parking spot and walked over to the Karin Clarke Annex on Willamette to see what and who is on display. I looked over the gallery for familiar artists. I saw some Mark Clarke paintings that feel like old friends now. There were also artist's works I didn't recognize.

David McCosh did these two wonderful paintings the top one is called "Parade" and the lower one is "Bargain Basement."

Then there was a wonderfully colorful forest scene called "Walk Through the Woods" by Bets Cole. I had met Bets before at a Plein Air Paintout and later at a show she was in at the Maude Kearns Art Center. As I walked out of the annex later who do you think I saw but none other than Bets Cole. We had a nice talk about art and her new web site [Click Here] designed by her son. Beautiful site and great work, I suggest you drop by if you get the chance.

Adam Growsowsky had a piece on display I'd not seen before and like all his others I really liked this one.

I left the annex and walked over to the Hult Center where the Jacobs Gallery is located, and took this picture of a wall painting at the Hult/Convention Center.

I also took this one of the unique architecture of the Center.

I liked the view looking back toward Willamette and noticed the crescent moon low in the sky.

Jacobs was closed since they are hanging for the Mayors Art Show so I headed back to the Main Karin Clarke Gallery to see the works of their featured artist, Faye Nakamura.

This work by Faye in clay and, I believe, some fabric is called "Conversation in Chinese"

"Flower Head" is the title of this whimsical ceramic piece that had many patrons stopping and smiling.

This beautiful piece is called "Moon in Pices." I got to meet Faye and tried to get her in a shot with this piece but I think she was shy about pictures so I'll just describe her as a witty, creative and very engaging person with a great personality.

I think these next two were my favorites if I were forced to give a quick impression. This one totled "Flying" and ...

... this one titled "Twin Island Cats" captured my imagination immediately.

Then I saw this piece titled "Pink Ginger" and my breath was taken away.

"Figure Vessel" Faye is certainly not shy in her work the female figure was beautifully displayed in many of her works. I sometime wonder if the ability to portray the human figure so tastefully is a key to an open and creative imagination.

"From the Ocean" is a striking work of art perhaps telling us of the origins of human existence.

"Haku Lei Offering" was a work I walked by several times before I looked back and saw it there almost in the center of the gallery. After so many light hued works it stood out as a real change of pace and the detail of this bust is fantastic.

This work is called "Cherry Blossoms" and demonstrates Faye's ability to both separate and elegantly combine several elements in her art.

Faye was looking at the pictures I had shot and said I should get happy and happier. Well being too introspective I was wondering if I looked glum. I did know I didn't feel glum and after looking at her art I was pretty much ecstatic but I went back and checked out the north side of the north wall. Then a light went on when I saw this piece called "Happy" then next to it was...

... the piece called "Happier." Geeze did I feel dense but that's normal.

"Black and Blue" is yet another delicate piece in a style I've come to really appreciate, and very much admire the use of clay, acrylic, fabric and wood. Multiple elements stirred by her hands and mind into a brew of beauty.

"Lau'ea" was another I liked in it's simplicity. In showing the pictures to Bets Cole later she also remarked on the beauty and simplicity of this piece.

I almost didn't post this image because I didn't get the entire picture but I like the playfulness in it so much I changes my mind. I like very much the missing sock on the floor and in looking at "Moon in Pices" (One of the earlier images) I noticed they were the same socks. I don't know why but this picture shows a humanity in how life for us all is both different and the same.

Thank you Faye for the wonderful work. Thank you Karin Clarke for your kindness allowing me to take these pictures on such a busy night.

I walked out of the Karin Clarke gallery I took a shot of the Hotel Smeed and the White Lotus Gallery housed there. I've only been in the gallery a few times but it has some wonderful prints on display.

I hooked up with Vern at the Clarke annex and walked to the Fenario Gallery one block south. This is the "hipest" gallery in town and by the looks of the DJ playing music inside you would think it would be all young folks. I like Fenario Gallery a lot mostly for the color and energy that's always there on "First Friday." The artist on display was Steven Lopez. He's young and is in this picture second from the right. The red thing on his right ear is really a reflection in the window, I was outside.

Steven Lopez is what I consider a vivid innovator (my term nothing in the text books) who loves the energy of contrast and saturation of hues and mixes that with innovation that is pure imagination. I liked this image immediately. I think my mind was trying to put it into a familiar known place and the best I could do was the remake of Metropolis and a touch of Boris Vallejo. Even at that his work defied both and took on a life of it's uniquely Steven Lopez touch. For more on Steven and his work go to

"I do not paint to be somebody greater than myself. I’m a son, brother, lover and friend first. The real work resides in the relationships I have with people. My paintings are bi-products and extensions of myself. I utilize my art as a vehicle for telling stories." ~ Steven Lopez

Steven sometimes combines smooth and angular. The face of the woman and fish it this electrifying painting titled "I Focus I Want This" show that playing off of styles.

I really didn't get all the titles here so forgive me Steven. I like the prismatic coloring in this very subtle painting that creates an imaginary world and a story waiting to be written.

Finally there were several diva paintings like this one of Chaka Khan that would be a real find for the right music aficionado. Thanks Steven for a great show.

Some of the lyrics reflected here are from the song "Stay"
"Stay please stay with me now
don't you let me go
I'll make it somehow
I got to let you know"

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen 367 - The Contender 301

Quote of the Day ~
"Progressive art can assist people to learn not only about the objective forces at work in the society in which they live, but also about the intensely social character of their interior lives. Ultimately, it can propel people toward social emancipation." ~ Salvador Dali


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Great blog P, I find the last couple of pics quite scary!

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Wow what exciting work. thank you for the art walk


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