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"The Tulalip Reservation was reserved for the use and benefit of Indian tribes and bands signatory to the Treaty of Point Elliott of January 22, 1855. Its boundaries were established by the 1855 Treaty and by Executive Order of President U.S. Grant dated December 23, 1873. It was created to provide a permanent home for the Snohomish, Snoqualmie, Skagit, Suiattle, Samish and Stillaguamish Tribes and allied bands living in the region."
This is their new Casino.

The grounds are beautifully landscaped and there are two great ponds in front.

This one depicts a pod of "Killer Whales" with one jumping ...

...and three swimming (only two shown here)

To add a life-like touch there is a fountain beneath the jumping whale spouting water.

From the front you can see how real this looks.

The swimming whales were made unique with one having a straight fin and the other a droopy fin just as they are seen in the wild.

What a cool thing to see in person.

They even had Siberian Iris blooms just like the ones in our front yard.

I talked a little with the landscaping staff while they were planting new flowers and they told me to come back in a week to see the final results of the planting.

"An early 20th-century photograph of a Tulalip spear fisherman became the model for the bronze statue standing in front of the casino."

Yes there were Salmon he was spearing.

There were even more flowers and I can't wait to get back for more shots of those being planted.

Their web site say the Orca is life-sized ...

...but the spear fisherman isn't, he's probably 9 feet tall.

More flowers...

... even trees with flowers from bud .... bloom.

There is already some new growth popping out on some of the plants. It's another great casino in the great new Native American tradition depicting history and nature rather than glitz and neon.

On the way home I'll get a shot of the 35 foot tall waterfall behind the statue of the spear fisherman.

Scrabble Score Scrabble Queen ??? - The Contender ??? - We have to get up early so the blog was done before the game.

Quote of the Day -
Tulalip Tribes Values
  1. We respect the community of our elders past and present, and pay attention to their good words.
  2. We uphold and follow the teachings that come from our ancestors.
  3. It is valued work to uphold and serve our people.
  4. We work hard and always try to do our best.
  5. We show respect to every individual.
  6. We strengthen our people so that they may walk a good walk.
  7. We strengthen our people so that they may walk a good walk.
~ From the Tulalip Tribe web site

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