Sunday, May 18, 2008

Iris and Casey

The Iris bloom are starting and these little blue Iris plants are like little elves dancing in the garden.

The deep red bigger Iris blooms are a little ahead and some are already open. I just love Iris plants.

We arrived at Casey's Riverside RV park early in the day. It's not far up the road and an easy drive. That's the Willamette River flowing from right to left and the North Fork of the Willamette coming directly at you. They are both very high today after the warm weather.

You might even say the Willamette is above it's normal height.

All the trees near the bank are getting their feel a little wet.

There Poppy plants did find a dry place to grow.

Someone should try and tell the river about the speed limit. I'm sure writing the ticket would be easy but trying to get the river to obey might be a little tough.

The Blue Lupin and Yellow Scots Broom are in full color across the river. Scots Broom looks beautiful in the mountains and fields but is a noxious weed that seems impossible to control.

Sunshine comes in small packages.

We had a little excitement just after arriving. No the sheriff wasn't trying to give the river a speeding ticket but to assist in the rescue of two boaters who went overboard upstream. Just after they arrived with sirens blasting they were called back. I hope it was because the boaters were both rescued.

You have to admire these folks who risk their own lives for others. No amount of praise in enough.

These trees seem huddled together to brace against the flow.

These reeds and grasses look very happy soak up the river and bend with the flow.

I don't think I've ever shown the controls of the Musemobile (our wonderful Winnebago Sightseer) our home away from home. The yellow diamond shaped knob to the right of the steering column is the emergency brake. It's not only activated by pulling it out it automatically engages when the RV is put in park. Too Cool!

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 315 ~ The Contender 331 Yippie!

Quote of the Day -
A first-rate soup is more creative than a second-rate painting. ~ Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist. He is noted for his conceptualization of a "hierarchy of human needs", and is considered the father of humanistic psychology.

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