Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pacific Coast

We took off from Grants Pass southwest on US 199 down into California. We arrived at the coast in Crescent City, CA after driving through the Redwood National/State Forest. It was a beautiful drive but I took no pictures since it was featured in a previous blog.

The Ship Ashore Museum is free and can be found in Smith River, California. This small town lies between Crescent City, California and Brookings, Oregon, and is considered the Easter Lily Capital of the World.

Smith River is also world famous for salmon and steelhead fishing with numerous fishing derbies throughout the year.

I stopped for a picture of the museum but also took some closeups of the plantings in their parking lot divide. Scrabble Queen told me this is probably an "Allium Sphaerocephalon" just past the blooming phase. Wikipedia says, "Allium is the onion genus, with about 1250 species, making it one of the largest plant genera in the world. They are perennial bulbous plants that produce chemical compounds that give them a characteristic onion or garlic taste and odor, and many are used as food plants."

Neither Scrabble Queen could identify this small red bud but I liked the picture with the spider web so here it is. If you know what this plant is pleas let me know.

More familiar, since our garden in Escondido had some, is the Mexican Bush Sage (Salvia leucantha). According to Mountain Valley Growers this plant, the Mexican Bush Sage is a wonder that every garden should hold. I totally agree.

This is another one we can't identify but I can see at least two big bumble bees in the picture.

Guarding the Museum Entrance are these two statues that seem a little out of place in "PC" California and at a boat museum.

Then we reached the beautiful Oregon Coast. In this area it is rocky with steep cliffs.

This Quiet Cove is near the Natural bridge Pacific outcropping between Brookings and Gold Beach on Oregon's Pacific Coast.

There was a Pacific Coast trail and I decided to see how close I could get to the ocean.

Another view of the cove slightly obscured by trees.

Further along I got a glimpse of the Natural Bridge much like one we saw in Puerto Vallarta.

As I cleared the trees I got this better view...

... and this view of a smaller outcropping...

... Absolutely beautiful...

... Majestic.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 322 - The Contender 309

Quote of the Day ~
“There's a lesson for the general public here too. Always keep your antivirus software up to date and don't be too quick to believe everything you receive via e-mail.” ~ Graham Cluley is a British computer programmer and 'Senior Technology Consultant' Specializing in Anti-Virus Programs.

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