Friday, September 28, 2007

Ed's Birthday

So today is Ed's birthday so we took off to Cottage Grove to pick him up for the party at the La Petite Domicile en Viel.

On the way there I added another drive through to my list. This one is the Cafe Alantro and it is a WiFi Hotspot as well as a coffee kiosk.

So guess who dropped in to Cottage along with us. It's Jill-baby - yahoo! Boy was Ed ever surprised.

I got them to pose for a picture outside of Ed's room along with Scrabble Queen.

At the party Ed enjoyed opening his gifts and salivating over the German Chocolate cake Scrabble Queen whipped up for the occasion.

After opening the gifts he read the birthday cards.

After a wonderful meal he settled into the easy chair for conversation and watching so old home movies.

As you can see Scrabble Queen is already for harvest time with fall leaves on the mantle.

I think Jill-baby was up passed her bedtime last night because she crashed after lunch - but only a 5 minute power nap.

Then Gail our wonderful neighbor dropped by to give Ed another present and a Happy Birthday Wish.

Outside the weather went from cloudy to sunshine...

... to stormy (with Thunder and Lightning) to sunny and warm etc.

No Scrabble Tonight

Quote of the Day
"If you don't like the weather drive five miles in any direction and the weather will be different" ~ Isaac Viel Editor-In-Chief of The Torch Campus Newspaper for Lane County Community College

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