Thursday, April 27, 2006

Walking the Hendricks and taking in the 5th

Hendricks Park is located just southeast of downtown Eugene and directly south of the University of Oregon and within Hendricks Park is the Rhododendron Garden. The garden is an easy walk and one of the most easily seen display of flowers and trees around.

The pathways are designed so you may either take a longish hilly walk or a rather short and flat stroll. Sharyn and Doreen are really enjoying the view.

There are many bright colors in the garden and this day mostly white rodies were blooming but a preview of next few weeks shows other colors.

I loved the mixture of pink and apricot in these blooms.

It's hard to show the size of some of the Rhododendrons but this may give you some idea.

I know Doreen doesn't like having her picture taken but she did stop and let me take this great picture today.

I used my macro lens for a few shots.

For other shots it wasn't necessary.

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For some I had to take a few steps back to get as much as possible in the picture.

Some I almost had to leave the garden.

It was a fun time.

The volunteers are the real heros in creating this place of beauty....

...and color...........

...and wonderful whimsy........

.... and majestic views.

Small wonders never cease if you just look around...

... and envision a garden where life can be renewed

Oh Doreen and I differed on whether the fast moving bird was a black bird or a Steller Jay --- and I see a lot of blue on the wings.

Next we went to the Fifth Street Market for lunch...

...and speaking of Hendricks Park it was where Steve Prefontaine (know as "Pre") used to run for his training and practice. Pre is a hero in Oregon and very much in Eugene as you can see by the picture on this wall at 5th Street Market.

I like that the stores "Make Your Bed" and "French Quarter" were next to each other.

They were just below the Cotton Mill.....

The market even looked a bit like the French Quarter in this view. All in all it was a very food day.

Quote of the Day
"New Orleans is a siren of a city. A place of fables and illusion. A place Lorraine had to escape from and Bobby and I had to escape to. Away from Alabama, away from lives that no longer belong to us. " ~ from "A Love Song for Bobby Long" Ronald Everett Capps (novel) Shainee Gabel (screenplay)

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