Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fly Fishing, Starfish and The Garden

Yesterday we went to Reedsport, Winchester, Sunset Bay, Shore Acres Botanical Gardens and finally The Plank House Restaurant of the Mill Casino in Coos Bay/North Bend.

Just out of Reedsport is the Roosevelt Elk Preserve where we caught the young lady lazing under a tree.

Jim and I played dueling cameras most of the day.

Well we played dueling cameras until water appeared at which point Jim played "A River Runs Through It" for real. It is quite a view to see a fly fisherman who can work magic with a stick and a long (50-60 feet) fly fishing line.

It's also a thing of beauty.

The amazing thing is the distance each cast in a decent wind. Just look at the line fly.

Along the shore of Lake Marie where Jim fished was this delicate Oregon Dogwood flower.

There were also these two delicate flowers on the shore.

We left Lake Marie near Winchester Bay for Sunset bay and a really low tide where I found this starfish waiting for the water.

Low tide exposed these ancient roots of a long gone tree. The roots were easily 20 feet from one end to the other and there were about 10 of these old trees languishing much of the time below the bay.

Just up the road was Shore Acres Botanical Gardens with this beautiful Japanese Garden. Remember to see a larger version of the pictures just click anywhere on the picture.

I especially liked the reflection of the Herons on the pond.

The entrance to the Gardens is always a wonderful way to enter this botanical paradise.

The shoreline next to the gardens is spectacular.

My two "creative" pictures of the day was a close up of the surface of a fountain at the gardens and.....

... an old mill pier at the Mill Casino in the Coos Bay/North Bend area. We ate dinner at the casino before a late drive home and it was great. To top off the day on our way out Doreen won $0.71 on her way out of the casino.

No scrabble - way too busy.

Quote of the Day ~
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." ~ Ben Franklin, Statesman, Publisher, Inventor and I am sure much more.

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