Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Last Day on the Olympic Peninsula

 We spent most of the last day on the Olympic Peninsula in Port Angeles and did some random shots like this (s)hoe store - I had forgotten about Red Wing Shoes. The first shoes I remember I owned were some Leather Red Wing Sandals my Mom got for me.

Next to the (s)hoe store a SoHo
 I still like sunflowers and the many varieties, these are especially nice.
 Even broken flower pots can be cool
 Must be a dog shop that is now closed - I think next to ...
 ... the Hair School where Sharyn had her hair cut...

... and the Blue Flame BBQ.
 There is nothing like a Farmer's Market in the Northwest
 Port Angeles has aq great little park downtown with a mural of the Olympic Mountains
 I think California Poppies grow everywhere...
 ... and Cormorants rarely honored but here they are...
 ... Never thought I'd see an A&M truck in Port Angeles but I think it isn't for the Aggies.
 A rare seagull sighting...
 ... and a buzz by a helicopter
 We missed going into Zak's but it looked interesting.
 Another rare bird sighting (Bird on a Wire)
 I never got up on the great viewing tower
 Gotta love Puget Sound markers on the street in Port Angeles
 Great Market store called "Nashs Organic Produce"...
 ...With great produce...
 ... and a child play area.
 By comparison a Self serve produce stand guarded by Barney Fife.
We got some of the Magda Lebanese Squash (Called Zucchini) and Sharyn stuffed it same way we stuff the Yellow Crook Neck and I loved it even more Kathy and Elaine and Maggi should give it a try.

We are near Mount St Helens and ready for a closer look today.

Quote of the Day ~ “The land was not the arctic waste commonly envisioned, but a fertile paradise; Puget Sound, said one rhapsodic report, was 'the Mediterranean of the Northwest” ~ David Lavender

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