Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Brunch and a Safari

 We hate sitting at home (we do love our home) so we take drives both short and long, in the Musemobile and in the mini-Musemobile so we took off for a drive today. Sharyn being the clever one decided to call Seven Feathers Casino's Camas Room to see if we could get in for the buffet. and we did manage to get a reservation.

 Seven Feathers is a very nice casino with the best RV park we have ever found but today it was in our Honda Mini Van and I had a chance to finally get some pictures of the giant eagle statue.
 "Lorenzo Ghiglieri created the 27-foot-high sculpture of an eagle at the entrance of the Seven Feathers Casino near Canyonville, Oregon. Ghiglieri also has works on permanent display at the White House, the Vatican, and Middlebury College."
The pansies are planted and looking great and our buffet was magnificent. 

 The brains of our outfit then suggested we visit the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon on the way back home. We were welcomed by an Ostrich pair...

 ... and a wild turkey (actually they were all over the park except for the Cheetah pen) and ...
 ... a herd of Watusi cattle very much like Jilly's Willy named after Willie Nelson.

 We then got a glimpse of the black bears who were sleeping or, perhaps,  just resting...

 ... like the Zebra and Antelope.

 I think this is an Emu that walked up to the car...

 ... or maybe a demon Emu.

 For the first time here the brown bears were very active like this guy that tried to stare me down ...

 ... or these two wrestling (in a playful way) in their pond...

 ... then eventually deciding just enjoy the water.

 The American Bison were looking very relaxed under the trees ...

 ... while the Llamas were strolling along the road.

 You can't see much of the Hippo because he likes taking a load off of his feet by almost floating n the pond.

 By the time we got close to the Giraffe he had moved to the other side of the pasture but I really enjoyed watching him move in what appeared to be slow and graceful motion.

 I'm, nor sure what these deer looking guys were but they looked beautiful sitting on a hill just above the car.

 I do know this is a Yak and like many of the animals here he was resting ...

 These guys are Egyptian Geese and they loved bothering the Yaks.
"Egyptian geese were considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians, and appeared in much of their artwork."

 Finally we came to the Cheetah enclosure and it was awesome to see them active and looking so healthy.

 Now Sharyn isn't just a great planner she is a great photo-op sighter noticing these tiny blue flowers and...
 ... a patch of Glacier Lilies.

I've been wanting to stop on I-5 to take a picture of this barn for 7 years at least today I got a chance when two other cars had pulled into a pullout next to the freeway so I joined them and quickly took this picture. It was a very good day.

Quote of the Day
"I just use my muscles as a conversation piece, like someone walking a cheetah down 42nd Street." ~  Arnold Schwarzenegger 

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