Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Up, Up and Away

The day before we left for our trip a huge flock of birds spent the day in the field next to the house. They would land and leap frog from one place to the next. Sharyn thinks they were a flock of Thrush. I wondering about calling it a Throck or maybe a Flush. At any rate they were cool to watch.

It was a driving day so not many pictures it seems we spent more time fiddling with our new radio and my old scratched CD collection. We stopped for lunch in Bandon and I got a nice picture of the Bandon Lighthouse on the mouth of the Coquille River.

I liked it so much I stylized the picture and it came out OK but I think the photo is better in this instance.

There was something in the water that looked like a huge salt water crocodile but the's only my imagination, it was some driftwood - I think.

I did wonder if this poor little palm was being kept from walking into the parking lot where we had lunch but decided they were keeping the tourists away from the palm.

Further along I stopped for a picture of Battle rock in Port Orford but it was getting misty and grey...

... and the further we went the greyer it got...

... then we saw this huge dark cloud at the top of the coastal range.

Even with the overcast the Oregon Coast is a real beauty with rocks that look like Orcas jumping skyward.

So we are off on the trip for the holidays in sunny Arizona. Does Santa go that far south? More later.

No Scrabble - it seems the Scrabble Queen chose to play with her new I-Phone .~.

Quote of the Day "The tax which will be paid for the purpose of education is not more than the thousandth part of what will be paid to kings, priests and nobles who will rise up among us if we leave the people in ignorance" ~ Thomas Jefferson

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