Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Sunset

It's Christmas Eve and Matt, Isaac and I took off for the Coronado Monument for a few tries at the Sunset looking into Mexico. It wasn't a long drive across the base of the mountains.

At the top I first took a picture of the border fence between the US and Mexico...

...and one of Matt's ruggedized Mini-Musemobile.

It was what photographers call the golden moment with perfect light...

... unless you look directly into the sinking sun... I took one more shot of the mountain to the north bathed in a lovely light.

Looking back toward the sun as it lowered behind a distant cloud with rays shooting out was inspiring...

The lower the sun set the quieter the sky became and the harder and colder the wind blew.

I think my lens was almost frosting over (or needed cleaning) but I liked the result...

... until the sun was almost gone...

...but for a short while leaving it's light...

...and illuminating the sky.

I'd found a feather our last trip here and stuck it under a hood latch and he still had it so I included it in this picture.

The reflection of the colors on the hood of Matt's Jeep looked like a still pond's mirroring of the sunset.

Finally with the sun and it's light gone we headed home in the darkness.

Merry Christmas everyone may your day glow like our sun tonight.

Quote of the Day
"A beautiful sunset that was mistaken for a dawn. " ~ Claude Debussy is among the most important of all French composers, and a central figure in European music of the turn of the 20th century.

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